Just about the time you’re thinkin’ it’s alright; breakdown, takedown, you’re busted. Breakdown!

Bob Seger lyrics as a post title? Really?

I can’t help it. Every time I hear Breakdown’s name, I think of this song, which inevitably leads me to Beverly Hills Cop II, which reminds me of the 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS from the movie, which is mistakenly swapped with a Ferrari 308 in one of the chase scenes, which is the alt mode of Breakdown’s fellow Stunticon, Wildrider.

See how I brought that back around to the point of the post?

I am nothing if not to the point.

Maybe I should just start this post over.

Right, Breakdown. He is my favourite of the G1 Stunticons. He’s great toy-wise, but personality-wise, he is definitely the most interesting:

“When Breakdown is in his car mode, he thinks everyone else is staring at him. Not just living creatures such as other Transformers and humans, but humans’ cars, stoplights… anything mechanical”

Whereas this just translates into paranoia elsewhere, the interesting turn is that on Earth he’s actually self-conscious that someone will see through his disguise and that it might affect his job performance.

“He’d be happier if he were a human – that way he feels he could just anonymously fit in anywhere and be in a better position to help conquer the Earth!”

It’s like some kind of neurosis-inducing Decepticon job ethic? Love it.

I think he might be my favourite Animated Stunticon as well, but this time because of his toy more than his character. Personality-wise, his Animated toy bio only makes it as far as his severe paranoia, adding in that he is,

“Profoundly unlucky and saddled with an inferiority complex”

His toy, however is a remold of my personal favourite of the entire Animated line, Rodimus, with an all-new head. When they first announced him, my only concern was that, just like Animated Dead End, the weapon included with this mold, the energon bow, seemed very out of place for him. Somehow it seemed too… elegant a weapon for a Stunticon? Animated Drag Strip handled this by changing his/her personality enough to make the weapon actually make sense. For Breakdown, in the convention exclusive comic book, they went the opposite direction, highlighting how little finesse the Stunticon posseses.

You wouldn't think you would need to point out which is the business end of an energy bow.

"Again? You're making my performance look stellar by comparison."

I’ve typed it three times before and will type it again: Stunticons need guns.

"Now this one I know which way to point."

Of course, don’t tell Animated Breakdown that the gun he’s holding is actually a Targetmaster. He would probably just think that Pinpointer there is judging him.

I totally lied yesterday when I stated that Wildrider was the only Animated Stunticon to provide a weaponized alt mode like their G1 limb counterpart. Though, given my feelings on Breakdown’s use of an energy bow, I hesitate to include it, here it is in all its strangeness.

Once again, I ask, how do you fire it without hands?

G1 Breakdown transforms into a Lamborghini Countach, which this Animated mold’s “futuristic racecar” imitates quite well.

Wait. Who are those other guys? It turns out that Animated Breakdown actually marks Breakdown’s third official, or fourth unofficial, appearance as a Botcon toy.

Unlike the rest of the Stunticons, Breakdown’s garishly coloured G2 toy was the only one to see official release: as the first ever Botcon exclusive in 1994 and then the next year at the Florida Extravaganza Collectibles Show.

My favourite part: "Realistic Styling!"

Then, ten years later, at Botcon 2004 — the only unofficial Botcon — Breakdown saw his first unsanctioned Botcon appearance in the form of a Action Master G2 Breakdown.

This strange history made Breakdown too good of an opportunity to pass up when the whole Botcon boxset went G2: Redux in 2010. Still paranoid and worried about his job, he now has the added level of stress that is having the lunatic Galvatron as his boss.

“He’s afraid that without Menasor, he’s nothing, and that the only reason Galvatron hasn’t destroyed him yet is because the Decepticon leader can’t remember who he is.”

Along with doing his original personality quirk justice, they perfectly recreated his wonderful new G2 paintjob, all the way down to the great big G2 Decepticon logo on his hood.

Using the Universe Sunstreaker/Sideswipe mold, his new headsculpt was spot on to the original G1/G2 mold’s head.

They even name dropped the original G2 release with a reference to the very first Botcon in his license plate.

BCFW94: Botcon Fort Wayne (Indiana) 1994.

The fourth Breakdown in the alt mode picture up there is actually not Breakdown but Brakedown.

Released in the Revenge of the Fallen line, despite his slight variation on the name he is definitely meant to be an homage to the original G1 toy, all the way down to his headsculpt.

Speaking of headsculpts, of the many heads of Breakdown, the most dissimilar are actually his G1 cartoon and toy models. So, where do the other homages and updates fall on a scale of Cartoon to Toy?

Animated is most similar to his cartoon model with RotF falling pretty evenly between the G1 cartoon and G1 toy. Of course, his G2: Redux is meant to be a straight update of his toy headsculpt.

Sheesh, you might see why a guy could get paranoid when he gets so much attention.

Either way, I am still going to have “Shakedown” by Bob Seger stuck in my head for the rest of the day…


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