A G1 toy designed by a committee of six year olds, an Animated toy that looks like pure rock ‘n’ roll, Motormaster!

“The good thing about Transformers is that everyone is someone’s favourite.”

My friend said this at Botcon this year and I firmly believe it to be true. It’s a good portion of why the weak comic book writers killing off random characters left and right annoys me so much. Someone is going to care that you just killed off their all-time favourite Transformer.

The reason I bring this up is because I absolutely know that Motormaster is someone’s favourite. Heck, this guy painted his entire truck into a Motormaster homage:

It was a lot of fun to get up close and personal with this giant truck at Botcon 2010.

So, to this guy and other Motormaster fans, I apologize for the following:

G1 Motormaster’s robot mode is sooooo bad. Suprisingly bad. Granted, I bought this set because I wanted the combined form of Menasor, but all the other Stunticons have such decent robot modes that I was frankly surprised by Motormaster’s. Keep in mind this is coming from someone whose favourite G1 toy is Powermaster Optimus Prime.

Motormaster, though… all those rectangles, the horrible proportions, the truck cab clown shoes; the whole thing reminds me of a child’s drawing of a Transformer made into an actual toy.

"Graaaaargh!" Actually, this picture does a better job at proportions than the toy.

Ok, sorry, that was mean, let me rectify that by using his boxart instead.

And this is the Takara boxart, because both versions of Hasbro's boxart show his legs mistransformed, making him even stockier and more disproportionate.

Huh. I can’t figure out which picture is less flattering. Luckily his Animated incarnation breathes some much needed life into Motormaster toys everywhere.

"Hey, look, elbows!" "Shut up!"

Using the Voyager Optimus Prime mold, Animated Motormaster (occasionally called “The Motor Master” for copyright reasons) keeps the black while majorly playing up the purple in his colour scheme. More importantly, he retains his signature head-in-a-box look. G1 Motormaster’s head is somewhat bland and lifeless,

Amazing what a couple paint apps on his eyes could have done for this toy.

Animated Motormaster’s head is meant to reflect his “wrestler bad guy” personality, but from the day his new headsculpt was revealed, I have said that he is a dead ringer for Lemmy from Motörhead (I think I gave the right “o” the diaeresis there).

"Good evening… We are the Stunticons… and we play wreck ‘n’ roll."

This, of course, means that I have been dying to put together this shot:


As the torso portion of his combiner team, G1 Motormaster carries Menasor’s weapons, a rifle and a sword. His Animated mold carries a cannon and replaces the sword with a gigantic double-bladed axe.

Alt mode is one area where G1 Motormaster is a decent toy. Unlike the majority of Semi Truck Transformers, he actually transforms into both the cab and the trailer. Unfortunately the one drawback of this is that his truck mode is rather small. Animated Motormaster uses paint applications along the sides of his axe that transforms into the back half of his alt mode to duplicate the stickers and Decepticon symbol on the sides of the G1 toy’s trailer.

Like the other “Scramble City” style combiner commanders G1 Motormaster also has a fourth mode, his base mode. This base mode is the perfect size for the “Roller Car” that comes with Motormaster and forms the chest plate of the Stunticons combined mode. “Roller Car” is what it is called in Motormaster’s instructions, but it is not referenced anywhere else, even missing as the chestplate of Menasor in every character model up to Dreamwave’s comic series.


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