Putting the “work” in “teamwork”, The Stunticons and Menasor!

In both G1 and Animated the Stunticon’s greatest weakness, as a whole, is each other. Conflicting personalities cause endless bickering and fights that inhibit, if not completely counteract their ability to be effective soldiers. The one thing that both teams excel at is complete mayhem, in or out of their alt modes.

Speaking of alt modes, these are some pretty great G1 toys with such a wild assortment of colours and choice of vehicles, yet somehow they still feel like a team.

Also, speaking of alt modes, I have to say it again, the Botcon folks did a grand job of translating these guys into Animated.

I am always amazed at how much unique personality they manage to get out of molds that we have seen before, just using paint applications and the occasional new headsculpt.

No slouch in their own right — even despite their disproportionate, rectangular leader — the G1 Stunticons are still great display pieces.

However, let’s face it, unless you have two sets of G1 Stunticons, you’re not displaying them individually.

These toys were meant to be Menasor.

Here’s where Motormaster’s blocky body is put to good use. Menasor is one solid looking combiner.

Of course, almost everyone with a set of Animated Stunticons is just counting down the days until some 3rd party group figures out how to make Animated Menasor out of them. In the meantime, they remain one heck of a… Stunti-convoy.



One thought on “Putting the “work” in “teamwork”, The Stunticons and Menasor!

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