“Don’t shoot until you see the wires in their eyes.” Crosshairs with Pinpointer!

Character-wise, Crosshairs is a mix of cleverness and rather obvious obtuseness.

For example, his bio quote (used as the title for this post) is a clever rewording of the famous military order popularized after the Battle of Bunker Hill.

On the opposite end of the clever-versus-not-so-much spectrum: his bio contains the sentences, “He’s meticulous, cautious – some would say overcautious.” and “He doesn’t like to waste ammo; he won’t take a shot unless he’s sure he can’t miss, and encourages others to do the same.”

Now this would be an admirable quality, were it not for the fact that his  Targetmaster partner, Pinpointer, “transforms into a dual rocket-propelled grenade launcher”.

You don’t have to be very precise with grenades, that’s the point of them. (Incidentally, this is a logical inconsistency he shares with sharp-shooting, grenade-using R.i.D. Rapid Run.)

The odd choices for Transformer weapons have always bugged me. I never quite understood why they felt the need to make each and every one a different kind of weapon. It’s how you end up with positively absurd choices like “Acid Pellet Gun”, “Black Beam Gun”, and “Liquid Nitrogen Rifle”.

Setting that aside, I should think that this proliferation of armament choices would also make Crosshairs’ function as “Weapons Supervisor” a logistical nightmare. Imagine trying to maintain such a vast amount of parts and ammo for so many different types of weaponry.

Add in weapons that can transform into people and the inventory management system alone would be a nightmare.

Speaking of transforming weapons, Pinpointer has already made an appearance, back with his homage, PCC Pinpoint. Pinpointer got a second homage in the form of the newest Targetmaster from the Dark of the Moon line, and can be seen in weapon mode being held by Animated Breakdown.

Crosshairs himself transforms in a sort of Cybertronic all-terrain buggy-like vehicle.

Like his Targetmaster brethren, you can then mount his partner in gun mode.

Though I love almost all of the “Masters” concepts (Action Masters just don’t count), Targetmasters are probably my least favourite.  The point of Head- and Powermasters is that their partners are intrinsically bonded to them. Because their partners do not integrate with them, Targetmasters seem like a bit of a cheat as far as “bonding” is concerned.


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