A space cruiser with a proud history of crashing, The Ark!

Sorry about the later-than-usual post, I spent about three hours this morning attempting to purchase San Diego Comic Con exclusives from HasbroToyShop.com. It was painful. Remarkably painful. Hasbro are not my favourite people right now. However, persistence paid off and I was able to snag the only exclusive I wanted: the Matrix packaged Transformers: Prime Optimus Prime. Well, that and a massive headache.

But you aren’t reading this to listen to me whine.

With Dark of the Moon has come the Cyberverse line. The line consists of Legends class toys, now called Legion class, and slightly-smaller-than-Scout class toys, called Commander class. Along with this, we have the return of playsets and largest among these is the Ark. Named after the Autobot’s original ship in G1, it’s not just an homage in name but, in the movie, also an homage of situation. Just like the original, the first time we see this spaceship it ultimately gets blown up and crashes.

In the Cyberverse line, the Ark is the only one carrying the word “Playset”. The smaller ones are “Action Sets”, but in my opinion, anything that folds out into a base is a playset.

The Ark (or rather, “Autobot Ark” for trademark purposes) is a pretty darned faithful reproduction of the ship from Dark of the Moon, though greatly scaled down.

Piloted by  Roller (or rather, “Autobot Roller” for trademark purposes) one of the only drawbacks is that the toy does not interact well with the Commander class sized toys.

One of my favourite things actually comes from the boxart. Everywhere on the box that a drawing of the space cruiser mode appears there is a disclaimer, “Product shown in fantasy situation”. You know, just in case you got confused and thought that the toy actually flew in space and spat laser blasts.

Once you have gotten over your fear of the toy accidentally melting your face off with live laser fire, you can unfold the space cruiser into a space station.

I have to say bravo. The transformation happens swiftly but doesn’t amount to simply unfolding it down the middle. The space station has a completely different footprint as the cruiser mode. Also, the design is very, very intricate, detailed, and clever. Included is a tiny set of teleportation pillars from the movie!

They have also included a jail to throw any captured Decepticons in, no matter what generation they’re from.

Roller, named in homage of G1 Optimus Prime’s drone unit, transforms into a lunar rover.

He’s actually pretty tall for a Legion class toy.

Also, I think he bares a very close resemblance to the crew of the Ark from the movie, but a lot of the movie stylings tend to have that gaunt look about them.

It’s a great display piece, but more than that, it actually has tremendous play value.  It could easily be set up against any of the Micromaster bases of G1 for the fun factor. As a collector, I don’t normally write about play value, but this is definitely something I would have been clamoring for as a kid.


3 thoughts on “A space cruiser with a proud history of crashing, The Ark!

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