Crave Comic-Con Giveaway!

The great folks over there at

are having a giveaway and they’ve asked me to help get the word out.

“Missed out on Comic Con 2011 last week? Get your fix at
We’re running a giveaway of vintage collectible Transformers & Star Wars
items including an SDCC exclusive! Now every fan can take part in the
ultimate fan convention.
Sign up by July 31st for your chance to win!

About Crave: the marketplace for fans, by fans

Currently available in public beta, Crave has quickly become one of
the largest online marketplaces for Transformer fans online, and has a
rapidly growing (and recently launched) section for Star Wars

We aim to provide the best platform for fans to find & discover the
collectibles they want within a community of fans just like them, and
have created an innovative fan-based rating system that identifies
great deals and rare finds.”

Check out Crave’s site video for more information on what they are all about. First, head over and sign up to try to win some prizes!


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