Somewhere between a temporary tattoo and tribal body paint, DotM “Cyberglyph” Arcee and Bumblebee!

Translucent plastics. They’ll get me every time. This time, however, it’s gone in an altogether odd and wonderful direction.

Four Target-exclusive figures have been released under the Dark of the Moon heading, all four are remolds of previous toys now done in translucent plastics and covered in Cyberglyphics. Cyberglyphs represent the ancient language of Cybertron itself. From the TFWiki entry:

“Much of the language is poorly understood, relegated to the studies of scholars such as the Cybertronian who would one day be known as Optimus Prime.”

This particular symbol, seen on Bumblebee’s door, is the cyberglyph for “Prime”. It and the numbers zero through nine are the only ones to receive official, consistent translations. So, other than making for some very nice display pieces, what reason could these guys have to start tattooing themselves? Bumblebee’s bio sums it up,

“The native language of Cybertron has power. Some warriors, like Bumblebee, believe it can grant luck and protection in battle, so they inscribe the glyphs on their armor before important conflicts. No one can prove it works, but the glyphs often glow mysteriously at critical moments.”

I personally think this is grand; especially that last little bit there, about them mysteriously glowing of their own accord. Arcee’s bio mixes a little of her own personal attitude in as well,

“Arcee isn’t superstitious, but she’s willing to give anything that might grant her an edge in battle a try. The ancient tradition of inscribing her home world’s language on her armor giver her a boost in confidence, if not power, and makes her Decepticon enemies think twice before engaging her directly.”

Arcee is a translucent darker pink with lighter pink glyphs covering her. Both she and Bumblebee are going to get displayed in alt mode, as that shows off both the translucent plastic as well as the glyphs better.

Other than the new, see-through paintjob, this Arcee is identical to the two other releases of this mold, including her stand/sidecar weapon which now comes in a blinding white.

Bumblebee is a straight repaint of Revenge of the Fallen Cannon Bumblebee.

This is fine with me, despite the fact that this makes the fifth redeco/repaint of RotF Cannon Bumblebee, this is actually the first one I have purchased.

In fact, despite Bumblebee having over 40 Deluxe-and-higher-class molds and subsequent remolds/repaints in the three Movie lines so far, I only own 7 of these Bumblebees from all three movies combined. Well, 7 and a half if you count Bumblebee from the “Last Stand” set:


I’ve bought three out of the four “Cyberglyph” Target exclusives; these two and Space Case, the remold of Terradive with a new headsculpt. I haven’t bought the repaint of Movie (2007) Jazz yet. His translucent plastic is so dark that at first, I didn’t even know he had either translucent plastic or cyberglyphs on him. I might change my mind now that I’ve had a chance to really look at these guys, next to the Toys R Us exclusive “Scan Series” (more translucent plastic!), these are easily my favourite mold repaints of all three movies.


2 thoughts on “Somewhere between a temporary tattoo and tribal body paint, DotM “Cyberglyph” Arcee and Bumblebee!

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