Kre-O! Kreeeeeee-O! Kre-O come an’ me wan’ go home. Kre-O Optimus Prime!

This post was a week in the making. I seriously underestimated the effort necessary to “transform” Kre-O Optimus Prime from one form to the other. Optimus is the only set from the new Kre-O line that I had any intention of buying and that has been further reinforced after the amount of effort it took to assemble him, take him apart, and reassemble him. I’m a much bigger fan of pre-assembled toys, which is why this line and the Built To Rule line, the previous Transformers building block set don’t really interest me. (Of course, it didn’t help that the Built To Rule line was hideous to begin with.) Other than vastly improving the look of both robot and alt modes, they also did one other awesome thing with the Kre-O line. Included with all but the smallest sets are Kreons, little Lego-man versions of Transformers. I absolutely love the Kreons, far more than the actual buildable robots that they came with.

Because I only applied two faction stickers (more about that to come), I placed one of those pieces on his chest instead of the pieces the instructions called for. He just didn't seem right in robot mode with no Autobot symbol at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still glad I have Optimus and he will take his place on my Optimus Prime shelves. Being the highest pricepoint of the Kre-O sets, he is quite large. As a robot that doesn’t have to take transformation into consideration, he’s very flexible, though his head is too small for the size of his body. A head, I might add that is almost pulled straight from Classics Optimus Prime.

Psycho Movie Prime: "This new building block thing should make taking people's faces easier."

I also have to applaud the fact that, though this is clearly a movie related line, the Kreons that are included are all patterned on their G1 incarnations. In fact, the thing that moved this set from the “might have to pick that up” to the “MUST. BUY.” list was that included along with the Optimus Kreon was Skywarp, my favourite Decepticon.

Careful who you play pranks on, Skywarp. They might have a big brother.

As much fun as Kre-O Optimus’ robot mode is, the real greatness of this set lies in alt mode.

This is the mode he's going to be displayed in. It's possible the long transistion back to robot mode may never happen again.

However, here’s where I have a problem with the Kre-O line. Stickers. I am not a big fan of stickers, it’s my least favourite part of getting a new reissue and I definitely wasn’t expecting them in a new toy. This set is absolutely sticker-tastic too. Following the instructions, there are seven Autobot symbols from his grill to the front cowl of his trailer alone. The result is quite comical and pretty much unnecessary so I left them off altogether.

Being a toy for kids, he comes with two extra little dudes as well as two motorcycles for the little dudes to ride. Here’s the little dudes.

…and that’s pretty much where they are going to stay. Squishy human folk are not generally welcome on my shelves. However, the motorcycles as well as the Bluestreak Kreon also included are very much welcome and still got put to use.

The trailer opens up and the rear section of the truck cabin comes off to form a “Command Center”. Overall, the truck and trailer have some great little details. The back cabinets on the truck have little opening doors.

The cab itself has a gear shift and a seat. Disappointingly, Kreon Optimus can’t be put in the driver seat because the wheels on his own legs won’t let him fit and his helmet is too tall for the interior.

Apparently Kre-O Optimus is not interested in hiding his identity. I’m pretty sure there’s not a state that has that many letters in their license plates.

Unfortunately I did this photo shoot backwards and now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to start the process of turning him back into a truck from robot mode.  I’ll leave you with this nonsensical battle shot.

Optimus Prime and Bluestreak battling Skywarp on top of Optimus Prime? Nonsense.

5 thoughts on “Kre-O! Kreeeeeee-O! Kre-O come an’ me wan’ go home. Kre-O Optimus Prime!

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