The Ultimate Movie-verse upgrade, DotM Ultimate Optimus Prime!

In Dark of the Moon we see two major uses of Optimus Prime’s trailer. During the investigation of Chernobyl, the trailer transforms into a round weapons depot that Optimus pulls a sword and shield from.

Concept Art for the Weapons Depot configuration of Optimus' trailer.

Then, in the battle for Chicago, Shockwave’s pet, the Digger, dislodges the trailer from Optimus’ truck mode.

“I need that flight tech.”

Using the Wreckers as a diversion he then retrieves his trailer and takes to the skies to battle the Driller head on.

In my version of a perfect world, we would get a toy with a trailer that turns into the weapons depot with a detachable jetpack.  However, what we got instead is two toys with two different implementations of the jetpack and one toy that provides a weapons depot and no jetpack. In reverse order we have the apparently Japanese exclusive Mechtech Trailer. Its “Weapons Depot” mode is accomplished by standing the trailer on end and opening the doors (as seen in this image from

Next, we have the also Japanese exclusive DotM Jetwing Optimus Prime toy.

This one provides the most movie accurate jetpack and weaponry.

However, it does not incorporate the trailer in any way. The last one is the only one of the three that has been released in the U.S.

DotM Ultimate Optimus Prime takes a brand new Optimus Prime figure and adds a trailer that looks virtually identical to the trailer in the movie (amazing how easy that is to do when you’re talking about a giant rectangle on wheels).

The Optimus Prime figure is a deluxe with the same mostly Peterbilt 379 truck we have seen countless times before.

However, that’s where the movie-accurate part stops. The robot mode is designed to specifically integrate with the trailer which gives him a very lean lower body and very large, Popeye-esque forearms.

"I'm strong to the finish, 'cause I eats... err, use my truck mode to haul spinach."

Also, the trailer doesn’t simply provide a jetpack and has no Weapons Deck mode. Instead the entire trailer forms a full, flight-equipped armor.

Meet the Omega Combat Armor.

When combined, the result is a great big, powered-up Optimus Prime with a very impressive wingspan.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Because this falls under the MechTech line, included is an equally impressively large “Ultimax Super Cannon”.

Pulling the red trigger opens the weapon up and causes flashing lights and sounds.

Attached by a hinged clasp, when it is pulled into position, it drops a helmet with targeting reticule over Optimus’ head.

In effect, this is not the movie-accurate flight mode Optimus Prime. For that you’ll have to get the Japanese Jetwing Optimus Prime. What this is, is nothing short of a flight-equipped, movie version of my favourite G1 toy, Powermaster Optimus Prime. For that alone, I think he deserves the title of Ultimate Optimus Prime.


9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Movie-verse upgrade, DotM Ultimate Optimus Prime!

    • I’m sure it comes down to cost completely for Hasbro. A leader class trailer would have been the perfect way to provide both the weapons depot and the jetpack in the same toy. I know I would have gladly paid the same price I paid for Ultimate Optimus to just get a trailer that worked with one of the leader class Optimus toys already out.

  1. I was disappointed with the ultimate Optimus Prime till i got creative one day and i actually got the weapons deck and flight deck lol guess all it took was some imagination and a lot of spare time

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