Rumble is red, Frenzy is blue. Rumble & Frenzy!

I am a toy-centric collector, therefore, Rumble is red, Frenzy is blue, or RiRFiB, if you prefer.

Anyone that would like to state: “Well, Rumble was blue in the cartoon, therefore FiRRiB!” need only look at this image:

Oh… wait. That only proves that “Runble” is a “Red Robot”. Huh. Anyway, you know what they meant. With the exception of that single screen, the rest of the U.S. cartoon was wrong and that’s all there is to that. Also wrong are the Devil’s Due Comics, IDW Comics, Diamond Select statues, Derrick J. Wyatt, and the supposedly upcoming release of Reveal the Shield “Demolition Rumble”.

Wait, wait, wait. He has gold guns? *sigh* I might actually have to buy him now. I will still call him by his proper name, Frenzy.

One thing we can all agree on, at least, this toy is G1 Frenzy:

Oof. I really do need to spring for the reissue of this guy. Mine is in pretty sad shape. That and I don’t actually own a G1 Rumble. Sad but true. I’ve just been lazy about it. I swooped up Encore release number 17 because I didn’t own any of the four cassettes in that set (also because Ratbat is my favourite cassette). However, I already own three out of the four in both Encore number 17 and 19. I can imagine that if I looked hard enough, I could probably find a good, cheap loose Frenzy and Rumble. Alternately, I could buy the set and sell off my extras, but… well, I already mentioned the lazy thing and that sounds like work.

Given the delay of the U.S. release of “Demolition Rumble” and not the slightest rumblings (ha!) of his red counterpart, I decided not to risk it. I made my first ever Transformers United purchase with United Rumble and Frenzy. To date, this makes two United purchases because I also broke down and bought the silver repaint of Classics Megatron. For those not up on the other side of the ocean, TakaraTomy has taken a good portion of the toys released in the Generations and Reveal the Shield lines, added in a couple of older Classics toys, repainted some of them in shiny metallic paint, and released them as Transformers United.

Just like the star of this week’s other post, the two have a tiny cameo in the comic included with the Transformers Generations 2011 vol. 2 book.

True to their comic appearance, their toys both have the ability to turn their arms into piledrivers for some ground-pounding action.

“Hey! Warn me before you’re gonna do that, punk!”

Since being separated from Soundwave (I haven’t been able locate translations of their bios, so I don’t know if their new, independent alt modes have explanation other than the obvious), they have chosen to ditch those passé cassette tapes for spiffy new tanks — maybe following in G2 Megatron’s lead?.

This isn’t their first attempt at new alt-modes. Frenzy was given and Rumble was considered for release in G2 as cars in the G2 Go-Bot line. They were also released as part of the Music Label line as headphones to match the MP3 player Soundwave. In between those two, though, Rumble was released as the tail-end of the Alternators line.

Though a Honda Civic Si doesn’t exactly scream Decepticon Warrior, his robot mode is a great homage to his G1 incarnation, complete with shiny silver, spring-loaded piledrivers for arms and his familiar cassette tape-inspired chest deco.

A whole lotta rumblin’ goin’ on.

Also, he is coloured correctly. (Have I pressed that point home enough yet?) He and Ravage were the only two of the G1 Cassettes to receive release in the Alternators line, which makes Frenzy sad. Sad enough to carjack.

Really he should be ticked at Ravage. Ravage got two releases in Alternators. All sibling squabbling aside, United Rumble and Frenzy are going to take their places in my Soundwave family display as worthy updates of their former cassette selves.


10 thoughts on “Rumble is red, Frenzy is blue. Rumble & Frenzy!

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen that pic of Demolition Rumble in package. Seems obvious that he’ll eventually see release in that case. I sport the Perfect Effect Rumble and Frenzy, but I’d be happy to replace “the blue one” with his tankier self.

    Man, I dig this blog.

    • Thanks! I had considered the Perfect Effect originally but held out for these guys. I did get the Perfect Effect “Ninja” as an update for Rosanna because I like the mold so much. TFWiki currently has “Demolition Rumble” as cancelled, but TFSource said today that Generations is starting back up with Hasbro’s official announcement of a new wave that includes Blackshadow. Hopefully there will be a new wave of scouts too with Windcharger for those that missed him and… this blue tank guy. 🙂

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  8. RIRoB, FIBoR.
    Rumble is Red or Blue, Frenzy is Blue or Red. They are what they say they are on the box or show.

    US cartoon G1 Rumble is blue, Japanese cartoon G1 Rumble is red, toy G1 Rumble is red, toy G1 Frenz is blue, Hasbro Prime Rumble is blue, Takara Prime Frenzy is blue, MP Rumble is red, MP Frenzy is blue, Hasbro data disc Rumble is blue, Hasbro data disc Frenzy is red, Takara data disc Frenzy is blue, Takara data disc Rumble is red, Alternators Rumble is red…

    If you asked me to pick out G1 Rumble, I’d point to the blue guy in the US cartoon, the red guy in the Japanese dub, the red cassette, the red Civic, Hasbro’s blue tank, Takara’s red tank, and so forth.

    Renaming anything from exactly what it says on the box or on the show (ie: fanon) is stupid. It’s like trying to pick out the one “real” G1 continuity. Is G1 Galvatron an upgraded Megatron? Depends. Which iteration are you talking about? Ditto Rumble and Frenzy. If they don’t match up (eg: G1 show vs toy), get over it. The comics and the TV show didn’t always agree with each other or the toy bios either. We live with these discontinuities and inconsistencies every day as a result of the franchise having so many characters represented in a large number of merchandise and fiction mediums and licenses, but only a few, like Rumble and Frenzy, get fixated upon until they turn into a really stupid meme.

    • I can appreciate the “What You See Is What You Get” approach to whatever naming conventions exist, though I find it horribly unimaginative. It’s hardly stupid to come up with a fanon and it’s actually quite the opposite of stupid to understand that sometimes Hasbro themselves are unable to put the name on the box that they wish to. Are you honestly telling me that you use the name Solar Storm Grappel? No, it’s Generations Grapple. I know it, you know it, and Hasbro knows it.
      Yes, people certainly need to learn to just accept that everyone has a different perspective on Transformers fiction, collecting, etc. and get over it. Not getting over it leads to petty recriminations, like arguments about RirFib/FirRib or calling someone’s fanon stupid.

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