The planet sprouting arms and legs has gotta hurt property values. Cybertron Primus!

Primus is the Transfomer’s version of God.

In some dimensions, he is referred to as “the Lord of the Light Gods”, creator of Cybertronian life to battle his evil counterpart, the Dark god Unicron.

In some dimensions he is nothing but a rumour.

However, in all dimensions, Primus is Primus is Primus.

Seems deceptively simple, right? Multiversal Singularities are like that. There’s really nothing simple about the concept. For those of us that only live one, linear life it’s darn near impossible to truly grasp the potential reality of it. Basically, no matter what dimension you are in, their Primus is our Primus and vice versa. No matter where or when, it’s always the exact same guy even though he may look completely different. Not so simple any more, is it?

You know what is simple? The toy of Cybertron Primus. In fact, it’s simply awesome.

Of course, it’s an extra helping of awesome that Cybertron Primus transforms into Cybertron Cybertron.

Primus has shown up in Transformers fiction before but he didn’t find his way onto toy shelves until the 2003 Armada toyline (and then again in 2004 with Energon) proved Hasbro could successfully sell a Supreme class toy that transformed into a planet. The third show in the so-called “Unicron Trilogy”, Transformers Cybertron, finally saw the big guy released.

With this design they really went all out with the detailing; making him look like a planet and specifically like Cybertron itself. They also gave the bottom side of his planet mode black plastic molded towers that can be used as a stand. Included in the intricate detailing of the planet’s surface is the city-state of Kaon, and the Decepticon command center of Kolkular from the Dreamwave comics.

Of course, Cybertron wouldn’t be complete without the golden (or in this case, somewhat copper-ish in colour) city of Iacon, the capitol of Cybertron.

Despite these details being pulled from other Transformers fictions, this toy is still in the Cybertron toyline and therefore uses the Cyber-key gimmick. Furthermore, the Cybertron fiction itself was all about unlocking Primus from his planet mode using the energy contained within the Cyber Planet keys and focusing that energy using the Omega Lock. As such, his toy actually requires the use of the Omega Lock to be able to transform. Inserting the Omega lock in the opening on the top of his planet mode opens the “wings” on his back, and it can be used to rotate the planet sections on his legs. Inserting it in his chest, it can be used to raise his head and unlock his shoulders, all the while activating his electronic sounds and lights.

The Omega Lock itself has slots on its four sides to plug Cyber Keys into it, but they don’t actually do anything or unlock anything.

For a planet sized robot, though, he is very fond of weaponry. Using Cyber keys, guns can be deployed from both arms, he has weapons on this legs as well as two giant cannons that are positioned over his shoulders.

Impressively large (though not as large as this week’s other post, Unicron), phenomenally detailed, he even sports articulated fingers.

He even has a third mode. It is easy to see that his starship mode is something of an afterthought, but I still think it impressive that the designers conceptualized it.


4 thoughts on “The planet sprouting arms and legs has gotta hurt property values. Cybertron Primus!

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