Oh, how the mighty have fallen (though he has no one to blame but himself), Dark of the Moon Megatron!

Here’s the deal, Megs. If you have a plan and you want it to succeed, make damn sure it stays the heck away from Earth.

Just ask H.G. Well’s Martians, the “Mars Attacks” Martians, Galactus, Invader Zim, the Thubanians, the Sontarans, those dumb water-allergic aliens from “Signs”, Megatron from the first Transformers, etc. You see what I’m getting at? Humans will break your stuff, we don’t taste particularly good, and a vast majority of us are lazy and would make a horrible alien-enslaved mass. We will inevitably screw up your plans, in most cases without even realizing we are doing it.

And boy does Dark of the Moon Megatron have plans. Plans within plans within plans within plans.

First, there’s the Allspark. Second, his “allegiance” to the Fallen and the Star Harvester. Third, his deal with Sentinel Prime for the salvation of Cybertron through a truce Sentinel paid for with the space bridge technology. Fourth, Sentinel Prime himself.

I know what you may be thinking, “I remember one as the plot of the 2007 movie, two as the plot of Revenge of the Fallen, and three as the plot of Dark of the Moon. What does Sentinel Prime have to do with it outside of the truce and technology?

Here’s my take on Movie-verse Megatron’s arc through the three movies. He wanted Cybertron to be restored and to rule over the restored Cybertron. To do this, he would need three things: enough energy and resources to jumpstart the restoration of the planet; the Allspark to keep Cybertron going; and a weapon powerful enough for him to maintain control of the planet. Chasing the Allspark was first and foremost, he had correctly surmised that the most direct and quickest route to restoring and maintaining Cybertron was to put the heart of the planet back into the planet. Once the Allspark had been returned, he could use the energy harvested from the Earth’s sun to feed life back into the planet. Then, he could maintain control easily through the use of the space bridge. However, he knew he would never be the ruler of Cybertron as long as his Master, the Fallen, was still around. That’s why he would have Sentinel Prime meet him on Earth. By setting Sentinel against the Fallen, a Prime being the only thing that could kill the Fallen, he could be free of his Master, free to rule Cybertron himself.

So, where did it all go wrong?

Well, at one point his own plan ran into itself. Physically. NEVER employ the use of the Ark. Any Ark. Ever, for any reason. It will crash. It will always crash. This time, however, what it crashed into was the Nemesis, the ship carrying the Fallen to Earth. Half of his plan actually ran into the other half of his plan.

Sentinel was now deactivated on the moon, rather than present with Megatron when the Fallen showed up on Earth. Luckily, Sentinel turns out not to be necessary for the removal of Megatron’s Master as Optimus Prime himself kills the Fallen. Unluckily, Optimus manages to destroy the Sun Harvester before it can do its job. So far, the tally is: Allspark, destroyed by a human, Star Harvester, destroyed by a human-resurrected Optimus. Humans: 2. Megatron: 0. That’s without calculating a death at the hands of a human and subsequent resurrection in the middle of those two things. Technically it’s Humans: two Megatron: -1

Don’t mess with humans. Directly or indirectly, you will end up looking like this.

Looks like the cat got a hold of the side of his head.

All is not lost, Megatron figures he can still restore Cybertron using his last remaining device, the space bridge, to bring Cybertron close enough to steal Earth’s resources. Megatron contrives to have Optimus revive the traitor Sentinel. Then Megatron, who ends up deposed as the head of the Decepticons at this point and effectively powerless, lets a human, and a supermodel at that, talk him into jumping into the middle of a death brawl between two Primes.

That his head ends up on the slicy end of Optimus’ axe is really not a surprise to anyone at this point.

The one problem I have with Megatron’s Dark of the Moon toy is the same problem I have with his presence in Dark of the Moon altogether. What is there is awesome and wonderfully detailed. There’s just not a lot there.

As a Voyager class toy — and thanks in large part to the MechTech gimmick of the Dark of the Moon line that takes a lot of mass away from the robot and gives it to their weapon — he is just too small. Though they included a stunning amount of little details, he really, really needs a Leader class toy. That being said, the inclusion of his cloak is possibly one of my favourite parts of the Dark of the Moon toyline so far.

That the cloak then becomes his alt mode’s tarp is a simplistic yet beautiful thing.

His MechTech fusion cannon merging to be the front of the tank of his tanker alt mode is also a nice touch.

Speaking of alt mode, he now transforms into a Mack Truck, specifically an M915 Line-Haul Replacement Tractor. His tractor and trailer are actually one piece but hinge to allow for some alt mode articulation. Speaking of detail, they even molded in an itsy-bitsy Mack bulldog hood ornament.

Of course, he can be all “MechTech’d” out by placing his fusion cannon in a retractable hole in his roof and attaching other MechTech weapons to it as well as the MechTech placements on his arms/tractor sides. Because his MechTech weapon is the front part of his tank, it looks odd with only half a tank. You can solve this by putting the tarp over the front half rather than the back half, but this does nothing for the fact that he looks pretty ridiculous anyway.

"I can't see where I'm driving any more."

There have been rumors of a possibly Leader class release for him, but in the meantime, the Voyager class, small as it is, will have to do.


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