When in doubt, bring the big guns, Metroplex!

I remember in 1986 when Metroplex was announced, my parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I showed them a picture of him.


“Huh. Well, he’s kind of expensive, wouldn’t you rather have multiple smaller toys instead?”

I lifted the catalog again,


I didn’t want multiple, smaller toys, because I understood battle; the winner is gonna be the guy so big he turns into an entire freaking city. Also, what I didn’t know at the time was that Metroplex actually came with an entire family of smaller toys.

The imaginatively named Six-Gun, composed mostly of — wait for it — six guns; the little tank that could, Slammer; and the adorably name Scamper.

Interestingly, though Slammer is a drone unit, Six-Gun and Scamper are described as possessing distinct personalities,

“Scamper and Six-Gun operate independently of Metroplex. Each has a mind of his own, although each essentially has a personality nearly identical to Metroplex and is mind-linked to him and each other. Scamper tends to be more impulsive and gregarious, Six-Gun more belligerent. The three minds together can be considered units of a single, larger mind, although Metroplex’s mind is clearly dominant.”

Another reason I wanted this guy so much was that, while other kids might field an army of robots, they simply couldn’t stand up to Metroplex, fully weaponed out in robot mode.

Then, when he is done trouncing the bad guys, he can chill in city mode as a base for the others.

I should really get some Reprolabels for this guy. He is original G1, not the reissue, and was a gift from a friend who found him in his garage, along with an entire G1 Ultra Magnus. Along with Reprolabels, I should really remember to pick up the detachable antenna piece, though you really only notice it is missing when Metroplex is in his rolling “Battle Station” mode.

Now that is just a silly alt mode.

Another function that Metroplex has in robot mode is that any of the Scramble City combiner pieces can be attached to his limbs, making him, according to his instruction sheet,”Super Strong”.

Basically, Metroplex is so big and awesome he can turn full sized Transformers into his own minicon power-ups.

I name all my electronic devices after Transformers and give them appropriate wallpaper — my iPod is Blaster, my phone is Soundwave, etc. — my crazily overpowered desktop computer has the honour of being named after this guy, this page from Spotlight: Metroplex is my desktop wallpaper.

For anyone that hasn’t read it yet, the tiny little “Urk!” word bubble you see coming from underneath Metroplex’s right foot is coming from a very, very damaged Sixshot. That’s how much tailpipe Metroplex kicks, he can swat the mighty Sixshot into submission with a stomp.

Granted, Sixshot actually lives through his encounter with Metroplex, so he’s no slouch in the tailpipe-kicking department himself.


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