The construction addict, Cybertron Metroplex!

Somewhere around the planning stages of Transformers Cybertron, the powers-that-be decided it was high time that the not-so-gentle giant Metroplex got an homage. At the time of his release, G1 Metroplex was the embodiment of the concept of “Rightfully Huge”, so where better to reveal this lumbering colossus of a Transformer than on the planet of Gigantion, the Giant Planet.

A suitably huge weapon for a suitably huge warrior, Cybertron Metroplex carries his shovel weapon that can transform into the deadly axe “Sparkdrinker” using his Cyberkey adorned with the Giant planet’s symbol.

Despite the Cyberkey gimmick, I liked the concept behind Cybertron a lot. Basically colonizing ships of Transformers were sent out into the universe millions of year ago, but found themselves stranded on their individual worlds when the space bridge project they were all working towards failed. On their different worlds they evolved thematically over eons. The inhabitants of what would become known as Velocitron, the Speed planet, would come to prize speed over all else and covered their world in endless roads for racing. Animatron, the Jungle or Beast planet, saw the rise of a race of Transformers that were animalistic in both alt mode as well as attitude. Lastly was Gigantion, the Giant planet. Wildly obsessed with construction, these Transformers had appropriately equipped alt modes and spent their time building uninhabited city upon uninhabited city. Their leader was Metroplex, or Megalo Convoy as he was called in the Japanese version of the cartoon, Transformers Galaxy Force.

The reason I bring up Galaxy Force is that is the version I watched. Hasbro insisted on tying Cybertron to the previous two shows Energon and Armada, widely considered to be the two worst Transformers series of all time, lackluster animation was compounded by astoundingly flawed dubbing on the American release. I was about three episodes in on Cybertron when I declared it likewise unwatchable and switched to watching a fan subtitled Galaxy Force instead. Boy was I glad I did, because I actually like Galaxy Force quite a bit. In fact, it wasn’t until today that I even learned that they gave the Gigantions Scottish freaking accents. Out of morbid curiosity, moments ago I looked up some of Cybertron on Youtube to check out these accents. I am sad that I did. It hurt my ears. A lot.

I will now pretend I did not do that and thus have no knowledge of this planet of Scotty impersonators.

Much better.

Anywho, one of the quirks of the Giant planet’s inhabitants is that they are all triple changers, but rather than the standard two alt modes, they each have a secondary robot mode instead. This mode is their “Work Mode”, a sturdier, more compact robot mode. In his Work Mode, Cybertron Metroplex is brought down to G1 Metroplex’s size.

Just like G1 has his entourage of robots, Cybertron Metroplex has his little helper. The Gigantions all have minicons that help them out with their construction work, and Metroplex has Drill Bit.

Drill Bit transforms into a drilling vehicle… thing.

Most people’s complaint with Cybertron Metroplex is his alt mode. He is meant to be a Gigantion Bucket Shovel Excavator, basically a Cybertonian version of this thing,

A good portion of Transfans dislike the rather simplistic way he manages to recreate this vehicle.

I, however, have no problems with it. I actually like that there are even two sets of plugs to allow the shovel device to be placed where the wheel or the shovel can be used. Additionally, Drill Bit can be attached to the end of the shovel, which is a nice touch.

Besides, who cares what his alt mode looks like, the best part about Cybertron Metroplex is his grand full-sized robot mode anyway.

Have a faceful of sawblade.


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