A pink gargoyle, a two-headed dragon with furry arms and legs, and a bug-man coloured like a hotdog stand, Monsterbots!

As I have said before, I really like the weirder Transformers. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good real-life vehicle or animal mode, but it’s the oddities that keep the franchise from getting stale.

Amongst the oddest of the G1 oddities are the Monsterbots.

All three possess rather normal-looking robot modes, with only the occasional wing or mandible peeking out to hint at their strange alt modes. Also, they have three of my absolute favourite headsculpts of G1. Due to their transformation, Grotusque and Doublecross have no leg articulation at all and somewhat limited arm articulation. Repugnus has the opposite problem, he has legs that bend at both hip and knee as well as a waist pivot, but the positioning of his alt mode “arms” severely restrict the articulation of his robot mode arms.

All three earn their membership in the Monsterbots sub-group through “monstrous” creatures for alt modes. They also share a gimmick beyond just their wild alt modes. All three have buttons that can be rapidly pushed to generate sparks.

Oof, that's one bad case of heartburn.

Doublecross is a two-headed dragon with two distinct ‘bots living in his head and oddly organic arms and legs.

Grotusque, the gargoyle, is my favourite of the creature alt modes. He’s also my favourite character-wise, Grotusque is “goofy, irreverent, sometimes annoying” but his “razor sharp mind makes him a foe to be reckoned with.” Also, he is not afraid to rock the bright pink.

I’m not sure what’s the more confusing part of Repugnus, his bug-man creature alt mode or his bright red and yellow, hotdog stand colours.

Also, he has a great name. Repugnus was such a great name that it earned him not just one, but two homages. Both Autobots like their namesake, his Cybertron mold is nice but the repaint of the Beast Wars Fuzor Buzzclaw done for the Universe line is easily one of the most perfect mold reuses of all time, of course the use of translucent plastics doesn’t hurt.

Of course, any family resemblance stops there, as both homages have pretty monstrous (in a good way) robot modes.

Despite their strangeness, these guys did get some play in the fiction, but none as unexpected and as much fun as their relatively recent appearance in the Maximum Dinobots mini-series done by IDW.

Just goes to show that I’m not the only one that appreciates some weirdness in their Transformers.

And these are the good guys...


4 thoughts on “A pink gargoyle, a two-headed dragon with furry arms and legs, and a bug-man coloured like a hotdog stand, Monsterbots!

  1. Man I love those,u are damn right on the headsculpts,they are one of the bests in the whole franchise.
    Groutesque was onw of the few transformers that I in a big bag from a friend that was living in the usa ad kid,when I first saw him I couldnt determine which animal was he……only later in life I discovered that he had wings. Doublecross and repungus arrived later(10 years after or so)

    Those ugly yet wierd tf’s are a def must in any collection

    • I also got Grotusque first, from a friend. He had found a box of his old Transformers in his garage and gave it to me as a Christmas gift. Inside was a bunch of different TFs, including a complete Ultra Magnus. In the box was also a complete Grotusque. These guys are perfect examples of why I hate the secondary market. I literally spent years just trying to track down a Doublecross and Repugnus that hadn’t been treated like crap. It wasn’t until Botcon 2010 that I finally found a decent Repugnus and my Monsterbots were complete. Here he is getting beat up by Tiny Scourge while waiting in line at Botcon 2010:
      Tiny Scourge vs. Repugnus

  2. Get up, ‘Pug! Ha. I really do dig the g1 Repugnus. While I’d been collecting with a “Neo-G1” bent for a few years, after seeing that ‘Pug had the leg-articulation he did, I sought him out. Then, having him in hand kick-started somewhat of a G1-revival in my collection. Since my childhood collection — apart from few rescues that have made it into my current display — have long since gone to toy-heaven, Repugnus’ chunkiness & 80’s style really hit home — along with nostalgia for Hasbro’s 80’s cross-marketing ideas, eg: micromachines are hot? Micromasters! Wrestling and/or fantasy Musclemen? Pretenders! etc. So Repugnus has a little bit of a special spot. Even the slightly musty old-plastic smell he had was very… visceral? Perhaps that’s an overstatement, but still.

    For my display’s “main cast,” the G1-figures that could at least pull of an 80’s Star Wars level of posing (arms & legs up& down 90 degress, they could at least sit stiffly, etc) were in. So Soundwave and Super-Gobot Cykill stand with the Decepticons. But since I wanted to wait for true classics versions of central characters, I looked into what old-skool “minor”/supporting characters could at least sit down stiffly. Thanks to Repugnus, I’m glad I did. This all eventually led to my re/acquiring a few less-posable G1 figures as well as motivating me, more generally, to read up more so on more obscure characters and begin repurposing some RiD/Energon/Cybertron characters into Classics G1-ers who will likely not get an update anytime soon. And even though lots of folks repurpose and you can call you toy whatever you want, it’s put a nice fresh spin on my recent collecting and revived my interest in some toy I’d put in storage because they didn’t my preferred display theme. Thanks for everything, Repugnus!

    ps: The Monsterbots’ IDW appearance really made me want to land a Grotusque and Doublecross as well. Perhaps soon!

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