Tough as nails in a tiny little package. Dark of the Moon Guzzle!

I have said more than enough about bad comic book writing, so I will refrain this time.

Guzzle is a tough little bugger.

Immediately after ripping Guzzle in half and just before using those halves to knock Kup senseless, Overlord remarked,

“Oh, don’t look so surprised. You didn’t expected this stunted little wretch to survive, did you?”

But survive he did. In fact, this little guy has managed to make it solidly through all sorts of fiction appearances and only ended up dead once. Given the hyperenthusiastically death-obsessed hacks that write Transformers fiction, that’s pretty darned miraculous. Heck, he even survived a stint in the Wreckers. Nobody makes it out of the Wreckers alive, it seems.

Oh… sorry, I said I wouldn’t do that.

Guzzle’s original G1 toy was an Autobot Sparkabot. Like that year’s Firecons and the previous year’s Monsterbots, the Sparkabots’ gimmick was spitting sparks. Because Guzzle’s toy was strangely missing wheels in the front (though his toy has a place molded for support wheels on his front treads, none were included), getting ahold of a reasonably priced G1 Guzzle that hasn’t had the robot arms and portions of the chest torn to shreds by scraping across the ground isn’t easy. The best indicator of this is that almost all G1 Guzzle Ebay auctions show him in tank mode.

I’m pretty sure that his recent appearance in the Dark of the Moon line is due completely to his recent appearance in the comics.

"Enjoy the pose, my toy is nowhere near this articulated."

Retaining his G1 blue face under a silver helmet and yellow chest, his comic book appearance transforms into a Cybertronian tank.

As a Cyberverse Commander scale, he retains his short stature. Overall his Dark of the Moon figure is a great blend of his G1 toy with his comic book appearance all the way down to including his comic appearance’s shoulder cannisters.

The extra paint applications of beige on his helmet and legs and the lighter green on his tracks and shoulder pieces are nice touches. His alt mode’s missile pod and machine gun combine to form a rather impressive “battle rifle” for his robot mode.

I honestly don’t know what I like specifically about him, but I have anticipated this little dude ever since I saw him in the display cases at Botcon. The only drawback is that his transformation, namely the fact that his turret halves are formed from his lower arms, means that his tank mode does not have any turret articulation.

A somewhat circular homage, "C-313" is tampographed on the rear of his tank. C-313 is the ID of the Japanese repaint of G1 Guzzle, called Hardspark.

Dark of the Moon or not, he qualifies as an update to G1 Guzzle in my book; but most importantly on my shelves.


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