Give me a Masterpiece Headmaster too and I can die happy. Masterpiece Firebolt (Offshoot, ugh)!

When Hasbro announced that Masterpiece Rodimus was coming to the U.S. but that his trailer had been cut to bring the pricepoint down, there was, true to form, much whining and moaning from the fanbase. Then the rumors started that Hasbro was going to replace the trailer with a far smaller, but far superior accessory.

"Hey! Who you callin' an accessory?!?"

Just like Cyclonus and Scourge, G1 Hot Rod received an upgrade to be part of the Targetmasters line. Possibly looking to one up Nightstick’s Generations update, Hot Rod’s Targetmaster partner, Firebolt, got the first ever Masterpiece treatment. A quick search of “Firebolt” on Google, shows broomsticks from Harry Potter and motorcycles from Buell, so to get around the trademark issue, Firebolt has now been given the ridiculous name of “Offshoot”.

"Check out that range of motion. Not so high and mighty now, are you Nighstick?"

As amazing a figure as he is, he’s not actually the first update of Firebolt, he’s just the first official update. When the phenomenal Fansproject group did an add-on armor to turn Classics Rodimus into Classics Rodimus Prime, they also released an unofficial update to Firebolt, called Sidearm. I didn’t like the headsculpt on the Rodimus Prime armor, but I definitely grabbed Sidearm the moment he was available.

Whereas Masterpiece Firebolt (I refuse to call him Offshoot) is a faithful reproduction of his cartoon G1 incarnation,

Fansproject Firebolt is meant to update his toy incarnation, red face and all. Both transform into Firebolt’s top-heavy, double-barreled cannon.

Just like the G1 version, both can also be mounted in gun mode on Hot Rod’s alt mode. Because Classics Hot Rod doesn’t have a hole in his engine for mounting, those clever folks at Fansproject gave Firebolt an extra clip to allow him ride on the spoiler instead.

Fansproject’s work is ingenious and amazing, but that is overshadowed by how big their hearts are. This was never more evident than in March of this year when they choose to give away a limited run of a repaint of their Firebolt update, done in inverted colours, free to the first 1500 who donated $15 or more to the Red Cross “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011″ fund. Called Blesser and given a function of “Rescue”, they even included a card naming the person that gave the donation as Blesser’s “Human Partner”.

"First I shoot you with the guy on the right, then I save you with the guy on the left. Or maybe it's the other way around, I get them confused sometimes."

Just an amazing act of kindness on their part.

"Awesome job, little dude."

The more ‘Masters the merrier, I always say.


4 thoughts on “Give me a Masterpiece Headmaster too and I can die happy. Masterpiece Firebolt (Offshoot, ugh)!

  1. Although I have the Takara Rodimus Prime, I do hope to pick up the Hasbro edition targetmaster somehow… it was this post that sold me on “Firebolt” in fact. I agree with Daniel above that the closing pic is great.

    And indeed it was a very gracious, giving move on Fanproject’s part to work out the Blesser donation — and the human partner card was a nice touch. Although I didn’t make the effort to acquire a Blesser despite having made a donation, it was disappointing to see some of the fan clamor & rancor surrounding not getting one / making a donation “too late,” et cetera. Any donation to a good cause is still, of course, appreciated and I’m sure FP was in part banking on the promo to get fans who otherwise might not have opened their wallets to pitch in.

    That said, the self-centered spirit of some was definitely not in keeping with FP’s big-heartedness. Another example spring to mind. Although I forget which store it was, there was an online retailer that temporarily raised their prices and gave the overage to charity. That too was disappointing and came off as crass to me. (There’s a possibility they may’ve been in an affected area, in which case, I understand and would revise my negative opinion of them).

    Still, just goes to show how much of an extra mile FP had gone.

    • I couldn’t have said it better.

      For me, It worked out because I just submitted my receipt to them for a donation I had already made.

      I was particularly disappointed in the amount of grousing over “missing out” after “having already paid them”. Whiny fans are a pet peeve of mine, it’s the main reason I don’t participate more in the online community.

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