Two out of three ain’t bad. Rage Over Cybertron!

“Cybertron is a floating hunk of scrap. Centuries of war have devastated the world and sent millions of Autobot and Decepticon soldiers to the junkyard. The evil Megatron and his Decepticons use the shell of a planet to plot their assaults against the Autobots. Their latest weapon? Dark Energon! Megatron surges with its unbridled, vicious power, ready to conquer the universe. “

So sayeth the back of the box for the Toys R Us exclusive “Rage Over Cybertron” set. Pretty standard stuff for Transformers, “We screwed over our planet. We’re fighting over the lifeless husk and now the bad guys have started to do steroids to win.” However, then things get a little weird,

“But Optimus Prime and his Autobots will not go down without a fight — they’re fueled by the same righteous and pure energon that powered the golden age of Cybertron.”


Isn’t “the same righteous and pure energon that powered the golden age of Cybertron” just called energon? All that aside, this box set is a mixed bag for me. It contains: glowing, beautiful, radiant translucent plastic; a very pretty, but mostly unnecessary repaint; and… Bumblebee.

Sorry, ‘Bee, but you’re the disappointment of the set. It’s not like they weren’t going to make him yellow, but instead of taking advantage of the “hopped up on Golden Age energon” and making him a lot more translucent, they went for a straight repaint. The reds are now blue, the blacks are mostly grey – expect where they are brown at his neck and shoulders — and he has scrapes of silver (battle damage maybe?)

The highlight — literally and figuratively — is a new blue, almost tribal design down the middle of his alt mode.

So in the end, Bumblebee manages to pull out a win, because all three of the Rage Over Cybertron toys are going to be displayed in alt mode, with the original War For Cybertron toys standing next to them in robot mode.

The only one that makes that choice difficult is Megatron. The polar opposite of Bumblebee in repaint status, Megatron has taken his “hopped up on Dark Energon” seriously with paint applications aplenty. He even has an arm cannon in translucent purple.

Luckily a good portion of the paint applications carry over to his alt mode, and the cannon takes center stage.

Detailing lost from the robot mode include the lighter, almost lavender colour from his chest and forearms, but the crackling energon effect on Megatron’s knees remains on the rear of the alt mode

It’s figures like this that make it easy to see how some people end up buying two of every figure, one to display in robot mode and one to display in alt mode. Likewise, Rage Over Cybertron Optimus Prime’s robot mode is great, with its translucent chest.

However, his alt mode is just brilliant, with its completely translucent front end covered in a more mechanical pattern than Bumblebee.

I can honestly say it was seeing this guy in the display case at Botcon that made this a must-buy set for me. Just look at him, soooo nice.

Pimp my ride with Golden Age energon, indeed.


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