Once (sort of) a star, now a set dressing, G1 Hoist!

Transformers has a lot of background cast.  Not the Jazz’s or the Prowl’s of the world, these are the folks that show up like clockwork over the years but are relegated to minor roles. Hoist is one of those that received a pretty sizable presence in G1 Season 2 — even getting to star in his own, very silly episode “Hoist Goes Hollywood”.

Zombie walk and rubber masks? That’s going to be one classy movie, for sure.

Though he then disappeared completely from the movie and Season 3, he has been basically a background and cameo character since then.

A remold of Trailbreaker, Hoist replaces the Camper/Utility Shell piece with a somewhat articulated towing rig.

The rig can be folded up and stowed while he is in alt mode as well.

Also, being a remold of Trailbreaker, he puts a new head on that same somewhat portly robot mode.

Another of Hoist’s appearances, in the Season 2 episode “Make Tracks”, is one of the greatest examples of Transformers scale (or complete lack thereof) ever.

Even without the belly, that’s gonna be one tight squeeze.


2 thoughts on “Once (sort of) a star, now a set dressing, G1 Hoist!

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