Proving a Transformer can’t get by on a shiny golden crest alone, Dark of the Moon Air Raid!

For some unknown reason, Air Raid was a name applied to five different Autobots within the movie universe, with three of those occurring within Dark of the Moon. TFWiki has chosen to make one article out of the whole bunch, essentially presenting them as one character, partly because it’s funny, but mostly because it’s just easier to do so. I have chosen to ignore all that and tackle the newest Dark of the Moon Air Raid on his own.

I can see where they were going with this guy, but where they end up has left me rather ‘meh’ about him. He has a very unique design aesthetic. Things that I particularly like about him include his headsculpt with it’s gold crest and the gold details within his chest,

Yep, that’s one fine robot torso there. It’s all the extremities that bug me.

You can tell with the headsculpt, the bladed flail-thing for an arm, and the shield, that they were aiming for a knight, but unfortunately the effect is completely spoiled by his gangly arms and legs. This basically leaves us with an awkwardly skinny looking robot with a melee weapon where his right hand should be.

His alt mode’s sensor/radar dome serving as a shield that then converts to an “Ion Pulse Blaster” is a pretty good use of the MechTech technology.

Let’s just hope the “shield” part is some sort of energy shield generated by the device. If not, it’s kind of small to use as a shield but more importantly he’s really going to jack up any sensitive electronic sensors inside.

He has a reasonably complex transformation with a lot of swiveling panels. However, he suffers from the same problem a majority of the MechTech related toys suffer, he has a very small alt mode, especially given the very large size of the real-world airplane it comes from, the AWACS toting Boeing E-767.

It was as I was transforming him for these photos that I noticed he actually has MechTech holes on the panels that fold out in the front. It actually makes for a rather impressive weapons array, you know, for a guy that’s supposed to be an early warning system.

So… yeah, other than that last picture, which is admittedly fun, the rest of this guys is pretty much summed up with a big old ‘meh’.


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