Probably the one and only time he can be compared to a “Hero” of anything, Alternity Skywarp!

“In universal stream of Primax 109.0 Beta in the year 2009, the Autobot forces are investigating a mystery”

That’s the beginning of the story of Alternity as recounted by the TFWiki. No, things don’t start making much more sense after that. Alternity is the sequel-of-sorts to the fiction that accompanied the Binaltech toys in Japan. Itself an equally convoluted piece of writing, I didn’t collect any of the Binaltech toys because most of them had already been released over here as the Alternators series. Then, when Alternity was released, I didn’t like how much the characters differed from their intended homages/updates. I mean, there’s a lot I have patience for when it comes to changing Optimus Prime, but making him into a tiny Nissan GT-R is not one of them. Making Megatron into a Nissan 370Z — a.k.a. the Fairlady Z, as it is known in Japan — is just right out.

Ironically, it was the fact that he was so very different from his previous incarnations, that made me decide that I had to add Alternity Skywarp to my collection. First up: that colour. Purple is my favourite colour and this purple, given the ridiculous name of “Witch Purple Pearl” (by whom, I’m not sure), is positively mesmerizing.

Second, the design. The Mitsuoka Orochi might be one of the most reviled car designs by the “experts”, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as I find the design to be pleasantly stunning. Wanting to get a neutral opinion, I took Skywarp to my wife (not a “car person” per se) and asked her what she thought of the design of the Orochi,

“There’s a lot going on with this car. It’s fancy.”

So there you have it.

Named after Yamata-no-Orochi, a dragon of Japanese mythology, I totally get the design aesthetic for which they were aiming. Especially with the snake-like eyes formed by the slits applied to the headlights and the impression of scales given by the hood vents.

The affectation of scales continues on the back along the trunk.

I can understand not liking the design of a car, but with this one, I just don’t understand the amount of outright hatred it receives. Upon transforming him, I was also pleasantly surprised by the little details added to his robot mode to tie him back to the original.

Small wings fold out from his back kibble as well as on his legs harkening back to his G1 alt mode, with weapons cleverly resembling his G1 missile launchers on his arms.

He is a remold of Alternity Starscream, given a new headsculpt, possibly my favourite part of his robot mode.

Mitsuoka states that they were trying to inspire “latent beauty underneath the shivering fear of the Eight-headed Serpent” with “an eccentric design concept of ‘Hero of Evil'”. Very fitting for a Decepticon. Now, giving the Seekers cars for alt modes may prove sacrilegious to some, but as alternate reality takes on my favourite Decepticon go, Alternity Skywarp is one of the best.


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