He doesn’t give a slag about your internationally appropriate names. G1 and Animated Slag!

“Slag” is British slang for a “coarse or dissipated woman”, which is basically a polite way to say a floozy, harlot, hussy, or tollop. Which are basically nicer ways to say… you know what, I bet you get the picture already.  Heck, the word “slag” has even grown into a very common curse word within the Transformers universe itself.

Of course, Slag, my favourite of the G1 Dinobots, isn’t the only Transformer to share a name with naughty British slang. In 2000’s Robots in Disguise we first got “Slapper”, which means pretty much the same thing as Slag over there in jolly old England. Then, we got a different Slapper, who was also a Dinobot, but an ankylosaurus in the 2003 Dinobots toyline.

Normally depicted as the gentle, grass-eating animals they most likely were, triceratops were almost always the losers in the eternal T-Rex versus Triceratops battle. That’s probably why I immediately gravitated to the one triceratops I had ever seen who was capable of not just defending himself, but actually being the aggressor.

Oh yeah, he also breathes fire. Fire breathing, tailpipe kicking, robot dinosaur (and as we all know Robot Dinosaurs Rule) with an attitude like broken glass and twisted metal. What’s not to love? His toy is just as great. Mine is the silver G1-coloured G2 release — oh how I wish I would have picked up the red and green versions at the time, and hadn’t sneered at them for being the “wrong colours”…

I can imagine his face, sitting inside his alt mode’s mouth like it does, must get pretty toasty when he breathes fire.

From the front, he has a great robot mode.

I say “from the front” because my only real problem with this guy is in the back of his robot mode where his alt mode’s tail pretty much just drags along behind him.

And there’s that stamp of G2-ness.

Still, along with his four sword-swinging G1 Dinobot brethren, he’s one of the most popular of the G1 Autobots for a reason.

Now, there’s been a parade of triceratops from Hasbro since then, but in an unlikely move, a good deal of them are not actually homages to Slag. We’ve had three named Triceradon, all repaints of the same Beast Wars Neo toy, as well as three repaints of the Mini-con triceratops, Knockdown. Of course, there would have been Grimstone but he’s actually a styracosaurus, not the triceratops they label him as.

Mostly because of the taboo-in-England nature of his own, the actual Slag sometimes gets called by his fellow Dinobot Snarl’s name. This happened in both his Robot Heroes release as well as his more recent Animated homage.

Though this time he’s traded his gun and sword in for a flaming club, it’s definitely meant as a tribute to our favourite dim-witted triceratops.

And that face is adorable.

Though the pillar of flame for a club is correct for the cartoon, I think they definitely missed an opportunity here.

A simple tooling of the handle would have made it able to be placed in his toy’s alt mode mouth for a flaming breath effect.

As it is, you can kind of balance it in there slightly to duplicate the effect.

Of course, you can also do the same thing with his G1 toy for some vintage fire-breathing triceratops action!

Next up for our vaguely sociopathic ceratopsid is an appearance in next year’s Fall of Cybertron, sequel to the War for Cybertron video game. From the concept art he looks pretty freaking sweet.

I am nowhere near delusional enough to think that we might get toys of these wonderful designs, but how slagging awesome would that be?


3 thoughts on “He doesn’t give a slag about your internationally appropriate names. G1 and Animated Slag!

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  2. I have the Red and Green Snarl. Loose joints thought. I Don’t have the weapons for him, but if you want to swap (just the bot of course) then let me know.

  3. Don’t know you know this, but there’s actually a way to get the Flame club to look like it’s fire breath!

    You need to fold the bottom of the mouth down, and then plug the handle under the throat, in the same slot that attaches it to the waist.

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