Representing robots of diminished size and disproportionate extremities. Flywheels!

For all the flashes of brilliance in the long history of the Transformers, there are some ideas that seem so utterly half-baked it is a wonder that anyone of authority ever green-lighted their manufacture.

I say half-baked because the theory itself is sound: have a single robot mode with multiple, simultaneous alt modes. Magmatron proved out that this can actually be amazing when orchestrated correctly. Huh. I was just re-reading my Magmatron post and I think I might not have been feeling well when I wrote it. First, so many typos (now fixed). Second, I called the Duocons “pretty decent”? Granted, this was written shortly after getting Flywheels, so I might have had “new purchase blinders” on. Well, the bloom is certainly off the rose on this one.

He does have two very solid alt modes.

Strategically intelligent, Flywheels is a complete, concurrent air and ground support system. Very useful in a battle.

Now, take these two together and make a decent robot out of it. Not too difficult, right? The cartoon did it, well, at least Headmasters, making a nicely proportioned robot out of Flywheels. The toy designers in charge of the Duocons on the other hand decided that just having two alt modes for one robot mode was not enough. They also gave them an auto-transformation gimmick. I think they might have focused a little too much on the gimmick, as that actually works quite well and is pretty genius in its simplicity.

Push until it clicks and then let go, up springs… well, the results are less than spectacular.

Ok. Setting aside the obvious dwarfism going on here (Transformers can have little people too if they want), what’s with “feet” that are as long as the entire robot is tall? Also, those arms. Flywheels’ T-Rex arms are so bad I think he might actually be an honorary member of the G1 Terrorcons.

Transformers may not normally worry about scale, but proportion is another thing altogether. Umm, at least he has a nice headsculpt?


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