Three times the modes, three times the rebel (or three times the crazy.) Blitzwing!

I don’t have any particular attachment to the original character of Blitzwing. The two things I remembered most about him was: he had his tailpipe handed to him by the old man, Kup, in the beginning of The Transformers: The Movie; and he was crushed underneath Omega Supreme’s foot in the intro every time I watched a Season 2 episode. It turns out (thanks to giving his entry on TFWiki a read), he’s not quite as bland a character as I remember. Showing up unexplained in season two, Blitzwing would go on to: start not one, but two different rebellions; get himself exiled from the Decepticons; and be offered a position on the Autobot forces a couple times.

Despite disinterest in him as a character, as one of the three Decepticon triple changers, Blitzwing’s toy was very cool indeed. Unfortunately it was not one I ever got my hands on as a kid. His two alt modes are both pretty good for a toy of its time.

I wish they would have done a better job at hiding the jet cockpit while in his tank mode. Beyond that, it’s still a decent tank.

Not that wings of that thickness would be considered all that aerodynamically sound, but he’s hardly the first Transformer to suffer from that particular malady — even up to recent releases. His robot mode lacks pretty much any articulation except arms that go up and down. He does get to be one of the only Transformers to be able to hold his sword in “Chaaaaaarge!” position… so he’s go that.

So the name of Blitzwing would sit until 2007 when it was used twice. One, The Transformers: 3D Battle-Card Game “character” is best forgotten. The other is one of the most memorable characters in all of Animated.

Was ist dies für kleine Roboter? Kostbar!

In Animated, Blitzwing’s condition as a triple-changer has also caused him to have three distinct personalities. “Icy”, “Hothead” and “Random” (the names given to his three personalities on his model sheets) are the three very different characters that voice actor Bumper Robinson then gave a German accent, based on Blitzwing’s name. This German aesthetic then informed the rest of Blitzwing’s actual design.

His character, and his toy as well, comes with three faces in robot mode, one for each personality inhabiting a goggled German World War II style helmeted head (along the same lines as Power Core Combiner Bombshock’s headsculpt).

The result is a very strict, cool, and in-command personality that uses ice-based weapons,

, an irrationally violent, angry , and easily provoked personality with a hint of pyromania,

and a crazed, aimless, and arbitrary personality that is far more likely to throw bad jokes and hysterical laughter at you than anything else.

Another thing I learned while perusing TFWiki, is that Animated Blitzwing’s toy has misassembled arms. Go here and read the third paragraph, where they explain a very easy fix that actually improves Blitzwing’s jet mode.

See? G1 Blitzwing doesn’t have to worry about his questionable aerodynamics when this guy is around. Animated Blitzwing goes for a futuristic tank-thing for his third mode.

Of course G1 Blitzwing still loses out on that whole articulation point.

“Ah’m here to pump you up!” “Show off.”


3 thoughts on “Three times the modes, three times the rebel (or three times the crazy.) Blitzwing!

  1. “Animated” really had some of the best versions of established characters, no? Blitzwing and, for my money, the best characterization of Megatron yet. Threatening but calculating — and willing to get rid of Starscream — as we always wanted his G1-self to be. Shockwave actually having some importance/relevance, Blurr being useful / badass, etc, etc. A real testament to the strength of the writing on that show.

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  3. Aw, man, a nostalgia burst right here.
    I remember getting this guy. There was something wrong with one of the arms and one of the feet, but I had a blast with him.

    And that last caption makes me smile. He could be Hans und Franz plus one.

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