Finally, a ‘bot with something to grumble about, G1 Huffer!

Drag, Grouch, Seething, Hot-headed, Grumpy, and Whiner. Those aren’t words from his techspec, but they might as well be. No, those are the translations of just some of G1 Huffer’s names in other countries. His techspec actually has these kind words instead,

“Huffer is cynical, hard-boiled, and pessimistic.”

Basically this little guy is just a bummer to be around. However, unlike a majority of the personality quirks a lot of other Transformers are imbued with, Huffer is actually a pretty sympathetic character. Why is he such a downer? No, it’s not because he shares a name with people who inhale toxic fumes from household products to get high. From his bio:

“Huffer is prone to severe bouts of depression as a result of his homesickness. At these times he is often inconsolable and of little value to the other Autobots.”

*sniffle* The poor little dude just wants to go home!

As one of the Microbots, he actually is a little dude.

Another point of consternation for Huffer may be how much his toy robot mode differs from both his cartoon appearance and comic book bio character model.

His entry in Who’s Who in the Transformers Universe gives him an odd curved hood rather than the square one that he sports in toy, cartoon, and a majority of his actual comic book appearances.

One thing they can all agree on is his alt mode. Adorable, isn’t it?

"Adorable? *grumblegrumble*"

Another thing Huffer would be totally justified in complaining about is that it was 2007 before he would even see an update, and then only as a Botcon attendee exclusive toy. A quick check of ebay shows that he goes for roughly $30 + shipping, which is a little bit much for a Scout class vehicle, and minus the head-in-a-box design, he’s just not Huffer in my mind. Another little oddity that popped recently is a design that was drawn up for a Masterpiece update of Huffer.

An odd choice, it seems highly unlikely that this will ever make it past the design stages. However, for only $18 ($15 when I ordered him) and free shipping through iGear, you can get Huffer Rager instead.

Second in their series of “Mini Warriors” (the first being Seaspray, but Hasbro already did him an epic update), this toy is splendid, and in a scale Hasbro doesn’t do any more, this (not)Huffer is perfect.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much at that price point from a third party group, but I really should have known better after their amazing Kup upgrade heads. Taking cues from the original toy as well as the cartoon, this articulated, gun-toting little guy is an awesome update, worthy of anything Takara or Hasbro could have imagined.

"Look! Hands! And a face!"

Just amazing. I strongly recommend this release for anyone with a Huffer-sized hole in their Classics shelf.


2 thoughts on “Finally, a ‘bot with something to grumble about, G1 Huffer!

  1. My Mini-warriors arrived last week and I must say I’m really quite impressed as well. Well designed, well-priced, excellent representations of the characters. The little details went a long way too. Huffer’s revolvers, Spray’s harpoon-gun and shout-out to his Mer-Man MoTU voice? Grade A. I have now shelved Botcon-Huffer and hope to repurpose him as another character at some point. You’re right about the whole lack of the “head-in-a-box” not quite conveying enough Huffer out of that Armorhide mold. I will say however that I’m actually more a fan of I-gear’s Spray.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the updated/ “upgraded” minibot forms. I love my Classics 2.0/Universe Powerglide — I even swapped out the red arms and hips of my Henkei one and acquired the gray parts from the American release. Hasbro’s Seaspray is a very nice, but with G1-Seaspray having such a… frumpy appearance (despite turning Fabio-esque when he became human that one episode), I-gear’s Spray really nailed the appeal of the G1 character’s charm and personality for me. The portly proportions, chubby arms and that… “sweet” face? Hard to look like you’re smiling with a faceplace, but Spray looks like he is. Maybe it’s the squinty eyes. Universe Powerglide’s upgraded body still aligned well with his personality and bravado for me, but somehow the Hasbro Seaspray didn’t quite.

    Maybe it’s because he reminds of… Disney’s Gizmoduck a little too much, I don’t know. That said, I do hope to pick up a Deep Dive at some point. I plan to pair him with Breacher, to form a kind of classics Longtooth “team.” (Incidentally, do you repurpose much or at all?)

    Great entries & photos as always, sir.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Ha! I can definitely see the Gizmoduck there. Yeah, I like to think that when he was offered the opportunity to upgrade he whipped out a picture of himself from Sea Change and said,
    “Mabbke mebbe loobbook like thibbis!*gurgleglubbubblegurgle*”

    As for repurposing, I’m completely open to it, but I don’t do too much of it myself outside of the really obvious ones, like DotM Spacecase going with my “G2 Classics”, etc. Or the clever ones that others come up with, like Shattered Glass Ravage being the entire reason I made my one and only Kiss Players purchase, to get Glit. 🙂

    Thanks! And a happy new year to you and yours as well.

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