Xīn Nián Kuài Lè (Happy Chinese New Year!) from Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Megatron!

Two days ago was Chinese New Year, so when the thought first hit me that this post should have a dragon in honour of the fact that we are now in the year of the dragon, only one Transformer dragon came immediately to mind.

The final form of Beast Wars Megatron, his powerful Transmetal 2 dragon alt mode. Currently my wife and I are working our way through the Beast Wars series. This is her first time seeing it, so watching her react to the surprises I already know about has been more fun than anything! Also, Blackarachnia has been catapulted to her new favourite girl-bot. We are at the point, late in the series when we have just been properly introduced to the level of havoc the Transmetal driver is capable of.

I still remember seeing this toy when it came out and being impressed by the sheer amount of detail molded into it. To tell the truth, he’s been sitting in a bin for a number of years and I was a little apprehensive about pulling him out, for fear of finding flaking vacuum metallized parts (like I did when I brought out BW TM2  Prowl). However, with just a couple places of wear and tear, he appears to be doing just fine as his shiny red and gold scaled tummy shows.

He did suffer one issue, though it was unrelated to paint. His neck locks in a straight position using the same piece that allows you to move his head around remotely. For some reason I chose to store him with the lock engaged. He’s been sitting in that straight necked position so long that his neck no longer bowed forward on its own, even when the locking mechanism is disengaged. I had to push the head control all the way up and wedge it into place to get him to stay looking forward for the photo up above. Otherwise he just stares at the ceiling.

After a little bit of being wedged forward, the rubber piece inside appears to be loosening up. Overall the head control is a pretty great little mechanism… in dragon mode. Unfortunately the long, floppy neck and head become a disproportionately long and floppy arm in robot mode.

Though it has great articulation, this leaves him with pretty much two positions for his left arm. Awkwardly bent and straight as a board.

"Gah! Arm cramp! Arm cramp!!"

Not that this hinders his toy as a display piece all that much, I mean, who would have an awesome dragon mode like this and then display him in robot mode anyway?


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