‘Til All Are Displayed! The Collection… well most of it.

I was just looking at the pictures on my “‘Til All Are What Now?” page and thought it was just about time for an updated shot of my Transformers display.

As I sit at my computer typing this out a turn to the left reveals three shelves, each roughly six and a half feet tall, as well as an assortment of smaller satellite shelves. To my immediate right is display shelf 1. Topped by three (soon to be three and a half) shelves of the star of Transformers — no, despite what they would have you believe recently, not Bumblebee: Optimus Primes and Convoys of all shapes and sizes.

Working our way counter-clockwise, shelf-by-shelf from there we have:

  • Half a shelf of Hot Rod/Rodimus Primes.
  • Ultra Magnus’ (Magni?) and Blaster and his tapes.
  • Smaller Constructicons and a slew of Micromasters.
  • Constructicons (old and new) and other combiners.
  • Scorponok, SkyLynx, and Omega Supreme.
  • In the middle is the Dark of the Moon shelf and Kre-O Optimus, which is a bit of a mess at the moment.
  • My wife’s “girl Transformers that could kick your tailpipe” shelf.
  •  The multiple incarnations of Mirage, Prowl, and Jazz.
  • The Targetmasters.
  • Finally, the Headmasters and Wheeljack.

On the wall opposite display shelf 1, there are shelves 2 and 3 and two more ancillary shelves.

For this one, I’ll do each shelving unit individually, starting on the top left:

  • Various incarnations of Star Saber (except an actual Star Saber, sadly) and Dai Atlas (with an actual Dai Atlas, happily.)
  • Two shelves of Minibots and their updates.
  • An entire shelf of Grimlocks.
  • The rest of the Dinobots, as well as Grimstone and his Dinobot drones.
  • The G1 repaints from the newest movies; such as red Ironhide, white and blue Jazz, and Revenge of the FallenSkywarp (look! I finally found my G1 repaint Movie (2007) Starscream!)

Display shelf 3, starting at the tippy top:

  • AssortedGods, Monsters, Primes, and one tiny Fortress Maximus.
  • The Animated Shelf, including the full 2011 Botcon set and TFCC Exclusive Animated Cheetor.
  • The G2 and G2 Classics with all the glorious colours of the rainbow.
  • The first section of G1 and G1 Classics Autobots.
  • Shattered Glass and the second section of G1 and G1 Classics Autobots.
  • The Movie (2007), RotF, and DotM Leader and Human Alliance class toys.
  • More Combiners! Predaking!

Display shelf 2, from top to bottom:

  • Shockwaves, The Fallen, and movie Megatrons.
  • G1, G2, Masterpiece, Classics… just a whole bunch of Megatrons as well as Classics Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge and their updates.
  • TheshelfoftheSeekers.
  • Soundwavesgalore and mini-cassettes (and updates) galore.
  • G1 and G1 Classics Decepticons.
  • Japanese Beast Wars, including my beloved Tako Tank.
  • Another shelf full of combiners.

The last little shelf is a mishmash of stuff:

Oh yeah, also Supreme class Beast Machines Cheetor standing to the side.

With the exception of G1 Metroplex and Cybertron Metroplex that stand ever vigilant above my computer (which is itself named Metroplex) and an extra Micromaster Tailwind, that is the entirety of my current display.

However, though admittedly a lot of floorspace is taken up by the display (and yes, I am aware that I am very, very lucky to have a wife that is not only ok with, but actually encourages my collecting and displaying), it only amounts to a little under half of my total collection. The rest are in plastic bins in a closet.

One day I will have an entire room devoted to the collection, until then, I’ll keep enjoying them by occasionally pulling them out of their bins to take pictures of them for this blog. That way I get to share the joy this collection brings me (and yes, a little showing off too.)


12 thoughts on “‘Til All Are Displayed! The Collection… well most of it.

    • Thanks! Yep, love those IKEA shelves. Affordable but wonderfully sturdy and stable.

      Though we have some crazy wind, Chicago doesn’t get too many, or rather any, earthquakes so Primus is safe up there on his perch, thank… uh, Primus.

  1. I have no idea what a “Supreme class Beast Machines Cheetor” is, but I love that he’s just hanging out on the floor. I think he’s my favorite.

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