Given their choice of alt modes, you’d never guess they were weapons making geniuses, then again, maybe you would. Dark of the Moon Wreckers! Topspin!

The most wonderful yet annoying thing about the Dark of the Moon toyline are the Wreckers.

In the movie universe, the Wreckers are presented as the Autobot S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) team. Three rough and tumble ‘bots, they each come with heavily armored, heavily weaponized additional transformations for their alt mode. I actually had the pleasure of seeing these guys in person. The first day I went out to watch the filming of Dark of the Moon here in Chicago, they were filming in front of the building I work in. In between shots, we were able to walk by some of the parked vehicles and there were the fully weaponized Wreckers partially covered by tarps.

When Hasbro and/or Takara decided to design toys of these guys they did so in two different classes. The annoyance starts with the fact that they did so inconsistently across the three characters. Roadbuster is available in both Deluxe and Human Alliance sizes. Leadfoot is only currently available in Human Alliance size. A Deluxe size was announced but when — or if — we will ever see this toy at retail is unknown. Poor little (literally little) Topspin is only available in Deluxe size with no sign of a Human Alliance size anywhere on the horizon.

The annoyance doesn’t stop there.

Remember the part about those secondary, weaponized alt modes? Whereas Roadbuster’s Human Alliance version is weaponized and his Deluxe is not; Leadfoot is reversed, his Human Alliance is not weaponized while the images we have seen of his Deluxe shows that it is. Luckily Topspin, having only one toy size, comes in his weaponized form. If I had to choose between the two, having absolutely no attachment to Nascar whatsoever, I would most definitely pick weaponized.

Aaaaaand we’re not quite done with the annoyance factor.

Now, this one isn’t entirely the fault of the toy designers. The three Wreckers, in fitting with their gruff personalities, chose Nascar… cars for alt modes (Nascar cars? Somehow that just seem redundant.) Nascar is best known for its vehicles being ridiculously festooned with sponsorships. For the Wreckers’ toys this causes two problems. Some of the sponsorships are so small that at toy size they become expensively intricate to recreate in paint applications. Then, when the Wreckers transform to their weaponized modes, the larger sponsorships get chopped up and become mostly unreadable. To avoid these two issues, what we are left with are relatively lackluster and bland paintjobs for supposed Nascar vehicles.

Unlike the first two annoyances, this one is something that can be fixed. Reprolabels to the rescue!

All of the Reprolabels I have used in the past, such as on Doubledealer, have been replacements for old, worn, or missing stickers. It bears repeating that I loathe applying stickers. It is easily my least favourite part of any G1 reissue. This is not only the first set I have bought to actually enhance a toy, but also the first set I have quite enjoyed applying. They included the smallest details and did a rather impressive job making them as legible as possible. Especially on the smaller Deluxe releases.

Topspin may have only received a Deluxe release, but he includes a ton of weapons to attach to him via standard 5mm MechTech weapon posts.

Kinda awesome looking.

He also includes a MechTech weapon.

Kinda dumb looking.

His MechTech weapon transforms into a claw. Though a good majority of the MechTech gimmick is prosaic at best, Topspin’s is particularly dull. Why? Perhaps because his robot mode already comes with giant claws.

We hear you like claws, dawg, so we put some claws on your claws so you can claw things while you're clawing.

Into a box with his MechTech weapon. His “wings ” carry all four of the weapon holes from his hood and doors. This allows him to have a weaponized robot mode as well.

Even with his “sunglasses”, robot mullet, and the fact that two of his weapons are actually pump-action shotguns,

I guess it's not considered racist if you're supposed to be a stereotype of white trash?

he’s still a pretty awesome toy… for a Deluxe. However, I strongly recommend those Reprolabels. That’s what pushes him from good to awesome. That being said,


Tomorrow: The potbellied Wrecker Leadfoot (and his puppy)!


4 thoughts on “Given their choice of alt modes, you’d never guess they were weapons making geniuses, then again, maybe you would. Dark of the Moon Wreckers! Topspin!

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