Consuming one too many barrels of oil hasn’t slowed this pair of Wreckers down. Dark of the Moon Wreckers! Leadfoot and Steeljaw!

Leadfoot is my least favourite of the Dark of the Moon Wrecker toys. Mostly I think it’s his alt mode.

My problem with Nascar (which my spellcheck informs me is actually spelled NASCAR) in general is that the vehicles are boring. Despite being covered in garish sponsorships and sometimes even more garish color schemes, there is no real visual difference in body styles. It is mostly the same vehicle 43 times driving around in circles for hundreds and hundreds of lapsZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzzz. Sorry, just typing that sentence put me to sleep. Poor Leadfoot suffers from the lack of sponsorship labels shared by his fellow Wreckers, but adds to that a bland non-armored, non-weaponized Chevy Impala of an alt mode. Of course, being a Target Stores exclusive, he keeps the prominent Target logo on his hood. Also, being Human Alliance class, he comes with an appropriately scaled human companion; in this case “Sergeant Detour”.

Sergeant Detour. Seriously? With a name like that you'd expect him to be with G.I. Joe.

Not as bad as the previous Human Alliance partners, I attribute that completely to his helmet and basic lack of exposed skin. That being said, he’s still going in a box somewhere with the rest of the squishy humans.

When I originally bought my reprolabels for Roadbuster and Topspin, they hadn’t yet made a set for Leadfoot. Now they have, but I’m not sure I am going to buy them, as he will most likely display in robot mode anyway.

He follows in a long tradition of being a rather potbellied Transformer. Also in following with the Wreckers rather vague allusions to NASCAR stereotypes, he has “sunglasses” that flip up and down and a beard.

The best thing about Human Alliance Leadfoot, though, is his puppy.

In vaguely MechTech style, Steeljaw can “transform” by flipping his head up to expose the missile launching mechanism in his neck. By moving the legs out of the way, he can then attach to Leadfoot in weapon mode.

And you thought your dog puked up some strange stuff.

Originally slated to make an appearance in the movie, he was sadly cut. Which was really a pity, considering how adorable he is especially when paired with Leadfoot.

I’m really hoping we manage to get the weaponized version of Leadfoot with the upcoming Movie Trilogy toyline. Only time (or maybe Toyfair next week) will tell.


5 thoughts on “Consuming one too many barrels of oil hasn’t slowed this pair of Wreckers down. Dark of the Moon Wreckers! Leadfoot and Steeljaw!

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    • Haha! I don’t dislike him at all. I like all of the Human Alliance quite a bit. I just wish Leadfoot’s Human Alliance scale release had been in weaponized form.

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