Rounding out our trio of Wreckers with a chainsaw. Dark of the Moon Wreckers! Roadbuster!

Human Alliance Roadbuster was an absolute beast to sticker, but so worth it. Not only was he missing a majority of his sponsorship labels, the “88” on his roof and doors were inaccurate.

His Deluxe release was definitely not so intricate to sticker, but still worth it, as his before picture is as snooze-inducing as Leadfoot’s alt mode.

One impromptu sticker applying station on the floor later, and voila!

Taken individually, I think I like the look of Topspin the best. Toy-wise, however, Roadbuster is the one they got right; with a weaponized alt mode for his Human Alliance release and non-weaponized for the smaller, less important Deluxe release. On top of this, they did a great job of recreating his weaponized mode from the movie. You can see a lot of the same detail on the front end in this shot I took from the filming of Dark of the Moon.

My conundrum? Logic would dictate that I display Human Alliance Roadbuster in alt mode and Deluxe Roadbuster in robot mode.

However, I like the Human Alliance size to the robot so much more.

Although the Deluxe definitely improves on his shoulders by moving his missile launchers off his arms and onto his back. Also, I do quite like the MechTech weapon that comes with his Deluxe release.

What’s not to love about a gun that transforms into a chainsaw?

Also, the Deluxe has the better headsculpt of the two.

Huh. Not as much of a conundrum as I thought.


2 thoughts on “Rounding out our trio of Wreckers with a chainsaw. Dark of the Moon Wreckers! Roadbuster!

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