Maybe he got tired of being called a nerd and started stabbing people? Transformers Prime Wheeljack!

I am torn.

Wheeljack, the original G1 version, is my favourite Autobot, so when it was announced that Transformers Prime would have an appearance by my favourite mad scientist, I was very happy. Then I saw “Con Job”. He looked a lot like my favourite Autobot except for one small detail.

Ok, the addition of a mouth, rather than the original’s faceplate is fine. This isn’t G1, so it’s totally excusable. Then this happened.

Oh, look, a faceplate for “battle mode”, I applaud– wait. Swords? Yes. Swords. See, Transformers Prime Wheeljack is a former member of the Wreckers, a lone wolf travelling the stars and stabbing Decepticons when he gets the chance. Though it was stated at last year’s Botcon that this incarnation of Wheeljack is a mechanic, just like the original, they forgot to actually communicate it to the folks doing the show, or for that matter the bio for his toy. So, I should be miffed, right? “They screwed up my favourite Autobot! Grrrrr! Arrrrgh!” and other such lamenting?

I can’t. Even if they fail to ever realize him as a mad scientist, or even as just a mechanic, Transformers Prime Wheeljack is just plain cool and his toy is even moreso. Also, nothing he has done in the show or that was said about him in his bio outright disclaims his status as inventor or weaponsmith, so the potential remains even with the stabby, stabby swords.

Until that point, he’ll continue to remind me of the Transformers Prime answer to Drift.

Complete with a little pseudo-Cybertronian version of Drift’s Kanji symbols on his sword.

Of course, he’s even cooler than Drift, because he’s also Wheeljack at the same time.

There was one other thing that annoyed me, this time about his toy. In the show, he is able to convert his hand to a blaster.

The box art for his toy is a close-up of his face with the blaster arm front and center. However, other than the swords, there isn’t a weapon on him. That’s easily remedied, but still, seems like false advertising to me.

Now that is a former Wrecker.

In the show it is stated that “Jackie”, as his buddy Bulkhead refers to him, has no alt mode. Despite this, you can clearly see from the picture above that Wheeljack’s animation model sports very definitive tires. It is assumed that in Season 2 Wheeljack will return to the show and get an Earthen alt mode. Odds are it will look a lot like this,

Though his swords stow underneath his car mode, one of the stranger points about his toy is that you can mount them in two different places on his alt mode. Both of these look as bizarre as you might imagine.

Now that is just silly.

Wheeljack is the only other Transformers Prime toy I have opened other than Transformers Prime SDCC Exclusive Optimus Prime, but if these two are any indication of the quality, I think I am going to enjoy this toyline quite a lot.


5 thoughts on “Maybe he got tired of being called a nerd and started stabbing people? Transformers Prime Wheeljack!

  1. Dang. He looks great, but having not gotten to watch more than a few clips of Prime, I’m still not quite feeling the stabby-not-scientist bio.

    The mold looks great though. Might have to pick up the repaint, if they do one.

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  3. I was mad at myself for not picking up Classics Wheeljack, so I grabbed Prime Wheeljack as soon as it came out. At first I didn’t like it as much, but now it’s grown on me so much that Classics Wheeljack seems hopelessly square. =)

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