My ‘bots on the radio? The Collection!

WGN Radio Chicago saw my collection in the newspaper and requested an interview! Not exactly primetime, but I went on this morning at 1:05 a.m (Central Standard Time) but here’s a link to the MP3 file of my interview:

WGN Chicago Interview – Transformers collection

4 thoughts on “My ‘bots on the radio? The Collection!

  1. I found your blog via TFW2005. Very cool of the radio interview. My collection was on local TV last month. Nice to see us guys get some exposure in the media, even if it is just local media.

  2. Double Congratulations on the Radio-Feature *and* the story in the Paper, Sir!

    It’s funny, I actually meant to mention this blog to Flywheels, the guy who commented above. Although I don’t know him outside of an online TF-transaction, I was going to send him the link to your Flywheels post from some time… but then thought better of it since you didn’t seem to fond of that toy.

  3. Just stumbled on your site yesterday and just listened to the interview. Nice seeing your attention for some of the old terrific ‘bots I like, that otherwise might not be seen: Huffer (he is adorable, somebody had to say it), Flywheels, the G1/G2 Constructicons, old-school Ironhide and Prowl, Windcharger (and in the interview, you mentioned your favorite of all-time was S______). Great choice. Nice, crisp website, way to go.

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