A whole lot of creepy for an echo. Transformers Prime Soundwave and Laserbeak!

As much of a toy-centric Transformers fan as I may be, characterization in a piece of fiction I like can go a long way towards helping breathe life into a toy. Soundwave is one of my favourite characters on Transformers Prime for the exact same reason Bumblebee is my least favourite on the show. No voice. Whereas Bumblebee quite annoyingly replaces his missing vocalization with beeps, whirs, and chirps (sorry ‘Bee, it was cute for R2-D2, not so much for you), Soundwave replaces his with recorded echoes of others, a display where his face should be, and a whole lot of silence.

The result is a suprisingly creepy character, especially when you take into account that he does not speak simply because he chooses not to speak. This characterization as a shade-like echo along with his thin, lanky robot mode puts me in mind of the grim reaper, rather than the Decepticon spy and communications expert.

A semblance I think he’d be proud to perpetuate.

My only complaint would be that, even for a Deluxe, he’s rather small.

Here he is next to his… former body? I’m still not sure why we’re continuing to pretend that War for Cybertron Soundwave, or any of the War for Cybertron stuff is in the same universe as the new Transformers Prime stuff. Nothing is meshing here, Hasbro, no matter how hard you try.

Soundwave comes with his deployer, Laserbeak, who I still can’t quite figure which end is the front on. I just go with the end that looks like the front end of a laser gun. Laserbeak can perch on Soundwave’s hands, thanks to standard 5mm holes.

Though, I think Laserbeak’s coolest feature is that he actually integrates directly into Soundwave’s chest.

Despite not speaking Soundwave is obviously not a drone; except, that is, when he transforms.

Transforming into an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, sometimes referred to as a “spy drone”, you can also connect Laserbeak to the top of Soundwave’s alt.

I hope we get to see much, much more of Soundwave in Season 2 of Transformers Prime and I hope that Soundwave eventually talks, but only sparingly and for a great, hopefully creepy reason. Maybe we could even get lucky and get a toy of this guy in a more appropriately imposing size class.


8 thoughts on “A whole lot of creepy for an echo. Transformers Prime Soundwave and Laserbeak!

  1. I wasn’t a fan of a silent soundwave when Prime started (I wanted my G1 monotones!) but he may be the most interesting character on the show….when he walks in to a scene I find myself becoming a bit on edge now!

    • I agree, at first I didn’t know what to think, but once he proved himself to be less annoying R2-D2 clone and more tailpipe-kicking Snake Eyes type I was sold. Then he really sealed the deal in part 3 of One Shall Rise when he subverted Airachnia’s attempt to take command by pummeling her.

  2. When Soundwave first ‘spoke’ on the show I thought he was female because he was echoing Arcee’s voice! And I have warmed to the character quite a bit; I’m almost hoping he never does actually speak because I don’t know if a voice could do him justice at this point.

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  7. I remembered disliking Soundwave for having no personality, but he really grew on me. Especially when he defends the Decepticon Leader Seat from Airachnid’s coup. The faceless thing is creepy as hell, and kinda reminds me of Vos of the DJD.
    This guy’s design is something special.

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