“This is why I hate machines!” …not really.

Slight delay in today’s post, so look for today’s actual toy post tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a funny incident that happened when my wife and I were playing Scrabble a couple weekends back. The very beginning of the game, I pull my random first seven tiles from the bag and I get:

Sadly not playable as a word (being someone’s name), fans of Transformers Animated will recognize this as the last name of Captain Carmine Fanzone, the curmudgeonly, machine-hating, but well-meaning detective in charge of the Detroit Police Department.

Too bad it wasn’t playable, it would be a heck of an opening move to use all seven tiles. I’m sure Fanzone himself would appreciate that we were playing good ol’ fashioned Scrabble on a table with tiles, rather than some new-fangled electronic version.


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