You are aware that a scalpel is just a reeeeeeally sharp knife, right? Transformers Prime Ratchet!

Gone is the tremulous medic, apprehensive of the fight, afraid of inflicting serious levels of damage; the likes of which he has spent countless cycles repairing. In his place is a new, gruff, battle-hardened doctor, as capable of administering injuries as healing them.

The trend really seemed to take root in Animated with their version of Ratchet, however it is Prime Ratchet that has upped the ante and demonstrated some hardcore fighting abilities along with the crabby demeanor. Seriously, I would be frightened to face an enemy that had such an intimate knowledge of my physiology. Just imagine the acute and specific hurt they would be capable of dispensing.

Prime Ratchet’s toy is a superb rendition of his onscreen character. Despite having such a boxy alt mode, he manages to retain a good portion of the cartoon’s rounded and curved robot details. The headsculpt gives him his characteristic surly facial expression.

His alt mode is really where he is weakest and not due to a lack of cartoon accuracy, but because of it.

He is decidely un-ambulance like. From the somewhat hidden placement of his “lightbar” to the overall lack of detailing, he looks more like a regular SUV to me than an emergency vehicle. However, it’s pretty much exactly as his alt mode appears — when it makes its rare appearances — in the cartoon, so you really can’t blame the toy for that.

An oddity about the toy, unless I have just gone blind and need to see a doctor myself, is that I can find no evidence of an Autobot symbol anywhere on this guy. At all.

Our “Doctor of Doom”, as he was referred to by Megatron in the first three-parter of Season 2, follows the trend of late of being somewhat smallish, but I guess I have grown more accustomed to it because I don’t really mind. At this point I’m starting to consider it a good thing, after all display space isn’t infinite, and I have a feeling the Prime cast is going to be here to stay.

"Trust me, I'm a doctor."


2 thoughts on “You are aware that a scalpel is just a reeeeeeally sharp knife, right? Transformers Prime Ratchet!

  1. I just picked this guy up yesterday. It looks like he was meant to have his brand on his hood (there’s a raised shape there for it), but they omitted it from the paint app.

    They had 3-4 Cliffjumpers, and almost double that Bumblebees, but only one Ratchet. He looked lonely. 🙂

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