Don’t you call me Billy anymore! Blaster! Twincast!

Same spoilers-for-a-25-year-old-cartoon-episode rules apply for this post as for Soundblaster’s.

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Gasp! Shockingly resurrected in emo black!


Aww, thinking of others, even in death.

Broadcast is dead! Say it ain’t so!

It ain’t so. Or rather, it ain’t so for long.

Shockingly resurrected in… well, he certainly isn’t emo black, that’s for sure. Yes, Broadcast (as Takara calls Blaster) has been resurrected as Twincast, to match Soundwave’s resurrection as Soundblaster. Where Soundblaster went somber and dark with his resurrection, Twincast comes out the other side even brighter and Blaster/Broadcast was pretty bright to start with.

As you can see, he did take one more pointer from Soundblaster, that is the expansion of his chest compartment to be able to hold two cassettes at the same time.

Blaster’s mold comes originally from the Microchange line and once housed functioning AM/FM radio electronics, though sadly all that was gutted before his original G1 release.

Though Headmasters is a pretty nutty show at times, it pales in comparison to its own dub. Omni Productions did a dub of the show that is pure insanity. Replacing names like Metroplex and Maximus with “Phillip” and “Spaceship Bruce” respectively, Blaster was given the name “Billy”, here is a just a small sample of the awe-inspiring horribleness that is this dub:

If you ever get a chance to watch an entire episode or two of the dub, I strongly recommend it for the hilarity factor alone. I also strongly recommend some form of alcohol consumption at the same time.

My Twincast is the recently re-reissued alongside Soundblaster Encore release. My Blaster is the San Diego Comic Con exclusive reissue from 2010, with the metallic flake, brown-hued legs and the best packaging of a G1 reissue I have ever seen.

Disco box!!!

I remember the day I received it from a friend that had attended the convention because it was the same day my Device Label Broad Blast came in the mail.

In an attempt to give Blaster a more relevant alt mode, he was reimagined as a Toshiba laptop complete with Toshiba branding. He didn’t come with a weapon but his fist holes allow him to use the huge gun from G1 Blaster.

The Device Label toyline was about alt modes with functioning technology, like USB thumb drives and mouses. Seen along the front of his robot mode legs and the front of his alt mode, Blaster’s Device Label release can be used as an actual fully-functioning USB Hub for your computer.

This isn’t the first update Blaster has received. In 2008 a Blaster repaint of Cybertron Soundwave was released in the Universe line.

This mold gets a lot of flack for some reason, but I absolutely loved it as Cybertron Soundwave and even moreso as a Cybertronic mode for Blaster. Though he may not transform into anything communication related, he does include a chest compartment into which his Mini-con Blockrock (awesome name!) can fit.

Plus, just because you are a “communications and data expert” doesn’t mean you always have to transform into a piece of communication and data equipment.

A Cybertronic bomber alt mode gives a new kind of definition to “Blaster”. Aside from sharing this mold, Blaster and Soundwave historically have one more thing in common: minions. Soundwave had his tape army, Blaster had his, and that means Twincast’s Encore release needs some tapes, right? After going pretty darned obscure with Soundblaster’s pack-ins of Enemy and Wingthing, Takara took the word obscure and blew it out of the water with Twincast’s release.

A black repaint of Steeljaw and a tiger-striped orange repaint of Ravage with their weapons swapped (nice touch by the way Takara), Nightstalker and Stripes are easily the most obscure Transformers ever to see official release. Nightstalker was seen in a text story in the 1987 Marvel UK Annual, where he is described as Ravage’s partner. Probably based on a fan created character that won a contest to design a Transformer, Nightstalker’s toy is basically Steeljaw done in Ravage’s colours, all the way down to the details on his alt mode. For as obscure as that may be, Stripes still manages to take it further. Though Blaster had been around for a while, his cassette army didn’t show up until the 1986 movie. To counteract Soundwave’s minions, Blaster ejects Ramhorn, Steeljaw, Rewind and Eject. However, in an early draft of the movie dated 4/27/1985 Blaster was to eject “CUBBIE, a lion, STRIPES, a tiger, STINGER, a scorpion and BOLTS, a small, tough robot.” Axed from subsequent drafts of the script, Stripes is a character that was never meant to exist! But yet, he does. ‘Cause someone at Takara is a genius.  Still, it’s hard to look at that tape on the left and not think it’s Ravage. Even more obscure tapes made the Encore release of Twincast even more of a most purchase than Soundblaster. Also, it gives Dial and Saur the correct tape deck to hang out with, so that’s pretty cool too.


4 thoughts on “Don’t you call me Billy anymore! Blaster! Twincast!

  1. Gah! Were there only more folks willing to part with Enemy, Wingthing, Stripes and Stalker without having to take on another (admittedly cool) Soundblaster and Twincast!

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