Growin’ up is hard to do, especially when your teammates flat out refuse to let you. Goldbug!

In the 1986 Marvel comics crossover between G.I. Joe and the Transformers, imaginatively titled G.I.Joe and the Transformers, a case of mistaken intentions (a hallmark to this day of Marvel comics) has unfortunate consequences for Bumblebee.

Three issues later he is brought back in a newly created, more powerful body and declares,

Umm, alrighty then, Goldbug. Good luck on that respect thing.

Anyway, the following year Goldbug received a toy with a very distinct blue version of his original faceplated G1 toy headsculpt. Unfortunately — despite the “dignified” new name — this toy was a Throttlebot, falling somewhere between the simplistic small-child focused Cyber Slammers and Gravity Bots lines sold for the recent movie. About a year and a half later, when the Classic Pretender toyline was scheduled for release, the comic book writers had to get Bumblebee back into his original body. Having been deactivated half a year earlier by a superpowered Starscream, it wasn’t too difficult to have Ratchet rebuild Goldbug,

But why did Ratchet rebuild Goldbug back into Bumblebee? Was that the only schematic Ratchet had on hand to go off? Was there some sort of restriction due to how quickly he had to rebuild him?

No, Ratchet just liked old Bumblebee better than new Bumble-Goldbug-bee. For no other reason than “personal preference” Ratchet negated Bumblebee’s one attempt at “growing up”. That was effectively that for Goldbug.  Ironically, G2 Bumblebee would be a little bit of an homage, intentional or not, being a literally Gold Bumblebee.

Another homage came in the form of Takara’s 2010 rerelease of United Bumblebee, also in shiny gold. I skipped over it as between Hasbro and Takara it was the fifth use of this mold for Bumblebee. I would almost regret that decision when two different 3rd party groups announced they were releasing upgrade heads to turn your gold United Bumblebee into Goldbug. Then, just before the release this year of Beelzeboss’ (the folks that did the awesome Cliffjumper upgrade head and weapons) “Growing Pains” set BigBadToyStore suddenly had the shiny gold UN-07 United Bumblebee in stock and for a price of $30! For an import at all, that’s pretty darned good, for a two year old import, that’s great, so I jumped on it.

Unfortunately the shiny gold paint used is prone to scratching and this toy has scores along the hood due to being packaged in robot mode.

Still, even with that flaw, he makes for a splendidly blinged-out Classics Goldbug, a figure we most certainly won’t see out of Hasbro due to Bumblebee’s new status as the flagship character of the Transformers brand. Of course, I say that but thanks to the somewhat recent IDW comics, Goldbug in their universe has been established as a completely different character unrelated to Bumblebee. Though this approach is understandable, it is a little bit disappointing in its disregard for the origins of the original Goldbug.

IDW, helping make this picture make a little more sense.

Beyond his stint in the Marvel and now IDW comics, Goldbug did make one more fiction appearance resulting in another wonderful toy.  In an interesting twist, as part of the Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass set we get our Evil Autobot version of Bumblebee in the form of “an upgraded form and a new identity as Goldbug”.

Based on the Cybertron Hot Shot mold with a suitably blue new head mold, somewhat ironically it appears it took going evil for our intrepid young Autobot to actually grow up and get some respect from most of the other Autobots.

Also, with the theme for Botcon 2012 being the invasion of the Classics-verse by the Shattered Glass folks, this right here could very well happen some day.

7 thoughts on “Growin’ up is hard to do, especially when your teammates flat out refuse to let you. Goldbug!

  1. Thank you for the post. I hate the oversaturation of Bumblebee these days, but I always had a fondness for Goldbug as he was my first Throttlebot way back when.

    You also reminded me that I need to jump on the United version of BB as my upgrade set being made by Venkstra will be shipping soon.

    P.S. – You forgot to include the Reveal the Shield Legends figure Gold Bumblebee in your feature!

    • That I did, I was meaning to mention him and how disappointed I was with him having a nose and happy, smiling little mouth and not having a faceplate but forgot to work him in there. Because all of the Legends, Cyberverse, etc. sized toy go to my display at work I tend to forget about them a lot when I am home writing these posts. Gold Bumblebee falls under the same “understandable but dissapointing” category as IDW Goldbug. I also forgot that I wanted to mention Bumblebee’s conflicting transformation in the Marvel UK comics.

  2. I was really itching for this once the higher-res, posed pictures of the item in hand started to show up online. My own Growing Pains kit arrived earlier this week and, despite the hood/shin scratches (booo), Goldbug look great! And while IDW’s take on Goldbug as separate entity does definitely undercut some of the old character development arc, at least they can now co-exist and hopefully, something interesting is done with him and the Throttlebots, outside of their one-shot Spotlight-Metroplex appearance. (Great that you had that Metroplex shot spread over the two monitors, by the way.)

    I also picked up Venksta’s kit — he does very nice work and really goes the extra mile customer-service wise, in case you haven’t tried out any of the Renderform upgrades — but I have to say, Beezleboss’… more streamlined, elegant sculpt works better for Goldbug and the Classics BB mold.

    The Renderform head will wind up becoming Chase on WFC or Prime RID Cliffjumper!

    • Yeah, I have heard nothing but good things about Venksta. Hubcap is one of my alltime favourite minibots, so I am looking to get in on the RF-008 Hub Scout release, but now I have to hunt down an appropriate Classics Bumblebee to put it on.

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