Growin’ up may be hard to do, but so is growin’ down. Goldbug part 2!

If you read the comments from yesterday’s post, you’ll notice that I accidentally left someone out. I had thought to mention the Reveal the Shield release of “Gold Bumblebee” but couldn’t initially figure out where to work him into the post, thinking that I would go back afterwards and slot him in somewhere. Clearly it slipped my mine, as Flywheels from over at Random Toy Reviews kindly reminded me. Incidentally, Flywheels is going to be picking up the other Goldbug upgrade set, the RF-006 “Gold Scout” set from Azim Venksta over at Renderform, so hopefully we’ll see a post of that version over at Random Toy Reviews sometime soon?

Following the two most likely unintentional Goldbug homages of shiny gold G2 Bumblebee and the 2010 shiny version of United Bumblebee was an outright homage in the form of “Gold Bumblebee”.

Initially I was going to say that I was disappointed in this little guy, but the more I looked at him today at work (all of the little legends class, Cyberverse, Robot Heroes, etc. go to my work display), the more I liked him. Yes, he has Bumblebee’s smiling, happy face rather than Goldbug’s stoic faceplate, after all he is just a repaint of Classics Legends class Bumblebee, but taking the trademark blue in the head and extending it to the legs and arms is a really nice touch. Just out of curiosity I googled around to see if anyone did an upgrade head for this little guy and low and behold I found a TFW2005 Radicons post that shows a really good custom job.

Not needing any customization at all is Gold Bumblebee’s alt mode, with its sparkly, gold-flecked paintjob.

I do believe Classics Goldbug would approve.

“Fist bump, little dude.”


4 thoughts on “Growin’ up may be hard to do, but so is growin’ down. Goldbug part 2!

  1. That Radicons head is pretty impressive. If I didn’t have the odd collecting-policy of “try to stick with displaying one definitive version of a particular character only” I would be all over trying to make that happen for Legends GB.

  2. Well hey, I didn’t mean to create extra work for you! I am planning on doing a review of the Renderform set once it arrives. I was further down on the list so I’m not sure when my kit will be made and sent to me.

    • Work schmerk, this is all play for me. 🙂 Originally I had only planned on mentioning Gold Bumblebee, but by taking a closer look at him, I actually found a new appreciation for him. Thanks for that!

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