A post that’s missing its subject. Star Saber!

If there is one thing that is sorely missing from my collection, a large gaping hole, it is my lack of the Cybertron’s Supreme Commander, Star Saber.  Why write a post about someone I don’t have you might ask? Because I do have this,

And he is pretty freaking awesome. The original G1 Star Saber toy is a rather large toy, here’s a picture of him towering over Leader class Movie (2007) Optimus Prime. Robot Masters Star Saber is nowhere near that, clocking in just under Deluxe size.

Uh oh. This could spell trouble for poor Star Saber.

I hadn’t actually looked into the Takara Robot Masters release of Star Saber, receiving him as a gift one holiday (granted, he had been picked from a list that I made). At that small size, I definitely wasn’t expecting much. I certainly wasn’t expecting him to retain his separate V-Star and Saber units.

Obviously, given that Saber is now the size of a Micromaster, they did have to sacrifice the even smaller Brainmaster gimmick that slots into G1 Saber’s chest.

Ever since they reissued Star Convoy, I still hold out hope for a reissue Star Saber, but the Robot Masters line did him proud in the meantime.

If there is a weak point for this guy it is absolutely no fault of his own, his transformation is very faithful to the original resulting in a so-so alt mode, a Cybertronic spaceship.

What I was expecting from his Robot Masters release actually showed up in his even smaller Kabaya Candy Kit release. Picking up the Kabaya Transformer kits have become a bit of a Botcon tradition for me.

“I might be small, but unlike some Star Sabers, I can turn my head.”

Removing both the Brainmaster and Saber figures, even this guy can’t be blamed for his alt mode, as it’s still pretty darned close to original.

In the Robot Masters line, they also gave us a great Victory Leo to go with Star Saber. They paid attention to the smallest details, like his ability to plug his large “V-Lock Cannon” into his hip

His alt mode, a winged lion covered in weaponry, makes no sense but is just pure awesome.

Just like their G1 toys, they can combine into Victory Saber, giving him some much needed height.

They also combine in alt mode, though it doesn’t do anything to help Star Saber’s already odd spacecraft.

So these guys will have to do until Takara decides to reissue the original. Small as they might be, they’re doing an admirable job.

Though sadly no reissue, Star Saber has received an homage in Energon Wing Saber, another figure I quite enjoy despite having absolutely no useful articulation.

Along with homaging G1 Star Saber’s colour scheme and brick-like articulation, he also has his own Cybertronic ship alt mode, though I like the “flying wing” design he has.

Of course, Wing Saber exists mostly to be an upgrade to Energon Prime, but he’s still a nice headnod to the original Star Saber. Did I mention the fact that there has yet to be a reissue? *sigh*


5 thoughts on “A post that’s missing its subject. Star Saber!

  1. For the most part the entire Robot Masters line was pretty darn cool. Sure it started out with a bunch of repaints, but the line got even better with LioConvoy and Star Saber & Victory Leo.

    I too lack the G1 versions and thanks to the crazy prices these days I’ll be “settling” with my RM toys as well.

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