Golden Girls of the Shattered Glass Universe beware! Shattered Glass Drift!

Apparently the opposite of a brooding, sword-slinging, moody anti-hero is Deadpool of Marvel Comics.

Though I’m sure the Drift haters out there were hoping that Shattered Glass Drift would be a klutzy, graceless hack of an Evil Autobot, the Transformers Collectors Club has shown us that even in the dimension of opposites, Drift is still kicking tailpipes, only now he’s doing it minus that pesky sense of morality and with a lot more guns to go with his blades.

With an splendid new red paintjob purposefully reminiscent of Deadpool’s outfit, this “Mech with a Mouth” (Transformers Collectors Club’s play on Marvel’s use of “Merc with a Mouth” to describe Deadpool) is just more of what makes the Shattered Glass universe so much fun. Like the goatee-wearing Shattered Glass RodimusShattered Glass Drift is an interesting spin on the whole alternate universe thing. Being patterned off the weapons addict comicbook character, Shattered Glass Drift comes not only with the two handguns that come with the Blurr version of this mold, but also all three of the blades that come with the original Drift toy, including the super floppy “Great Sword”.

Unless I am over-thinking this, I am pretty sure that the newly added paint applications on Shattered Glass Drift’s smaller swords are meant to be Arashikage clan symbols like those worn on the forearms of G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. It’s even done in Evil Autobot purple rather than the normal red.

Oh yeah, I go old school with my Arashikage tattoo images. This would be the first appearance of the symbol, from issue 21 of Marvel's G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero series.

Of course, thanks to the upcoming Botcon exclusive Shattered Glass Soundwave and the “Cold Slither” image complete with Zartan head that he has on his alt mode, this wouldn’t be the only G.I. Joe reference to come out of the Shattered Glass universe. Speaking of alt modes, the simpler white and red of Drift has given way to a much more striking red and black with white highlights on Shattered Glass Drift that is even more prominent in alt mode.

As with all of the Transformer Collectors Club exclusives in recent years, the box he came in is almost as much of a display piece as the toy.

From top to bottom, he’s just a much more distinguished and compelling repaint of the Drift mold given an awesomely hilarious choice in personalities.

Stabby McShooty.

Just like the opportunity for Classics-verse Goldbug to battle Shattered Glass Goldbug, the upcoming “Invasion” storyline from Botcon 2012 leaves the door open for the battle of the Drifts.

Given Shattered Glass Drift’s job title as “Dimensional Fragment Eliminator (fancy talk for hunting invaders from other universes)”, a cross-dimensional battle with himself seems even more likely. I can’t wait to see how he is depicted in this year’s convention comic, how much of the Deadpool-like character gets shown off. I wonder if they’ll manage to work in Deadpool’s unnatural love of a certain Golden Girl?

5 thoughts on “Golden Girls of the Shattered Glass Universe beware! Shattered Glass Drift!

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  2. SG Drift looks great and I kind of regret passing him up now when I ordered Runabout.

    Gotta add too that while I myself am not a fan of the character, I think it’s great that you flout all the Haters out there by being totally vocal about your support for Drift. Keep flying that Drift Sashimono proudly!

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  4. “Oh yeah, I go old school with my Arashikage tattoo images. This would be the first appearance of the symbol, from issue 21 of Marvel’s G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero series.”

    Snake Eyes/Scarlett are simple the best!

  5. I’m disappointed that he didn’t have his black eyes. But not too much. I love that this Deadpool-former exists. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

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