I do not think it means what you think it means. Windbreaker!

In the list of names of Transformers that cause laughter, Windbreaker runs neck and neck for first place with Erector. I hardly think that’s fair considering if Windbreaker should be made fun of for anything name-wise, it’s that he shares a name with a type of jacket. I have yet to hear “Windbreaker” and think “one-who-breaks-wind”, but what can you do? Children will be children.

When I went on my previously mentioned hunt for Scoop I noticed that the same guy had a really good price on a mint-on-sealed-card G2 Windbreaker as well.

As a general rule, I don’t buy sealed items. Mostly because the price is too high for a toy that I will inevitably open. Transformers are meant to be transformed; for me, my collection is a tactile thing. I don’t collect MIB because a Transformer in a box is only half a toy (or in some cases one-third or even one-sixth or one-tenth of a toy.) There are some that agree with that sentiment so much that they buy at least two of every toy, one for robot mode and one for vehicle. I fall somewhere in between the MIB folks and the multiples buyers. Like I said, for me it’s a tactile thing. It’s not just the fact that they are two toys in one, it’s the fact that they transform from one toy to another. My collection is as much a monument to the engineering of transforming as it is to the individual toys themselves.

But I digress.

Specifically this toy was such a good price because, whereas the toy was both mint and sealed, the packaging was definitely not mint. The card had gotten water damage at one point and had warped and turned brown. It was most easily seen on the cardback.

For as little as packaging means to me, I do have to admire the carded G2 toys. Rather than simply adhering the plastic bubble to the front of the card, having the bubble somewhat askew and going all the way through the card makes for a very nice presentation of the toy itself.

Of course, true to form, that admiration lasted a very short time once my very bright orange order of toys arrived.

Free! Free of your plastic prison after almost 20 years!

Ugh. Stickers. I forgot about the “joy” of stickers. However, one stickering session later, I had an orange and bright blue old school Chevy Camaro with a little more detail, like headlights.

Albeit, now also with pink taillights.

The stickers were cut rather poorly. Most obvious was the pink chest sticker that, thanks to the two circles, is quite obviously cut far off center.

This mode highlights my favourite thing about Windbreaker — aside from his very G2 colour scheme — his headsculpt. I had never seen Windbreaker’s toy before and didn’t realize that the orange and bright blue Chevy Camaro was hiding such a great headsculpt.

For such a little guy, he also has some of the best light-piping.

I am quite happy for the turn of events that made me need to hunt down Scoop and inadvertently stumble upon this splendid toy. Also, thanks to sporadic appearances in the Botcon 2010 comic, Windbreaker will now take his place proudly on the shelf with the other G2 and G2 Generations figures.


3 thoughts on “I do not think it means what you think it means. Windbreaker!

  1. G2 is what ultimately got me back into collecting TFs again. Turbofire and Rapido were my first two new TFs in a very long time. It was several years later before I was able to grab Windbreaker and Skram. Man I love those little ‘engine block’ cars!

  2. Awesome! G2 was also what got me back into Transformers with Rapido being one of my first (and still one of my G2 favourites). I don’t recall every even seeing the other three of these guys, but now that I have Windbreaker, I’m for sure bumping Skram and Turbofire up on the list to round out their little team.

  3. Rapido is one of my favorite characters — and I love his Botcon 2010 figure. Never had the other Axelerators though. This post has gotten me thinking about trying to track ’em down and putting the platoon back together. And although they’re far further down on “Classics” Wish-List, it’d be nice to see new versions pop up, even if they’re repaints.

    And even as a kid, my association with the word “Windbreaker” was always with the jacket and not flatulence. I’m kind of surprised that folks still get a giggle out of it. Erector, I understand, but “Windbreaker?” Did no-one else have those corny 80’s-90’s Member’s Only Jackets?Inconceivable!

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