Stealthily silent, efficient and lethal. Pretty much the polar opposite of Animated Bumblebee. Animated Prowl!

The appearance of Animated Jazz was pretty freaking awesome, but Animated Prowl is the original Animated cyber-ninja.

He also serves as yet another example of the unbelievable job they did turning those superbly fluid ‘bots from the cartoon into toys.

I will admit, when I saw the first images that showed up for the cartoon, I was part of the, “OMG, there’s absolute no way they are going to be able to turn those designs into toys” crowd. In fact, I am still surprised how well they did with a majority of the Animated cast. That being said, even amongst this impressive toyline Prowl is still a stand-out for having remarkable articulation. Add to this his awesome ninja star weapons that store as his hubcabs and he almost becomes to cool to handle.

Quite unnecessarily, he also comes with a traffic light on a rope for a weapon.

“Umm, what exactly about this says “ninja” to you?”

A good portion of this phenomenal articulation is owed to his alt mode.

Making a robot that folds up into a sleek motorcycle necessitates rather flexible and slender proportions. So, when you have a cyber-ninja with amazing articulation, you had better have a damned good excuse for limiting that articulation.

They did.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait. From cyber-ninja to cyber-samurai? I am pretty sure he just lapped himself in the cool race. Coming straight out of the cartoon, his samurai armor and wheel blade/shield upgrades form a sidecar for his alt mode.

Initially I was perturbed with them selling “Samurai Prowl” after I had already bought regular Prowl, but I got a little better with it once I had the actual toy in hand. Instead of just releasing the same figure with the sidecar, they did an extensive remold on him, among which included replacing his clear windshield with blue etched with circuitry designs. Annoyingly, they also cut his hubcap ninja stars. Also, he is missing his traffic light. However, you can remove the hubcaps and replace them with the ninja star hubcaps from his regular release, and I guess he can still hold the traffic light but I still don’t even understand why it was necessary to begin with.

Count yourself lucky, normally if you’re seeing two Prowls there’s a good chance the cyber-ninja just got done whopping your tailpipe so hard you’re seeing double.


One thought on “Stealthily silent, efficient and lethal. Pretty much the polar opposite of Animated Bumblebee. Animated Prowl!

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