For the love of Primus, go buy this toy. Right. Now. Transformers Prime Arms Micron Skywarp and Balo!

As recounted in my


post, my choice for the Starscream First Edition mold was the 6th entry in Takara’s Arms Micron toyline, AM-06 Skywarp; a decision I am so pleased with right now, I can’t even explain put it into words.

Well, maybe I better put some words to it, or else this post is just going to end up a bunch of disjointed images.

Much like Animated Prowl, the First Edition Starscream mold has lithe proportions and a sleek alt mode that contributes to a very, very well articulated robot mode with tremendous amounts of personality.

Skywarp’s little Mini-con friend, Balo (the TFWiki states his name comes from “a shortening of “buffalo”, accomplished by dropping the middle syllable from the Japanese spelling of the word”) is marginally articulated himself, for an adorable little buffalo-drill-ninja star-shield-dude.

Granted, his “shield” mode looks a heck of a lot like the reverse side of his “ninja star” mode, but he transforms into a freaking ninja star, so I’ll allow it.

My favourite of his alt modes has to be his drill mode. Oddly, nothing in his instructions or on the box depicts him in this mode.

The Arms Micron line has a couple peculiarities, first: stickers. I don’t like stickers. I don’t like stickers a lot. Thankfully Skywarp doesn’t have too many of them and I admit they add some nice, shiny details to him. Balo actually has more of them than Skywarp, and they were quite annoying in their small size and quantity.

The other thing is that the Mini-cons in the new Arms Micron series come as pieces on a sprue.

I was worried when I first learned this but, at least in Balo’s case, those worries were unfounded. He’s really solid with tight joints.

Skywarp maintains his warp ability but now uses it for “ninja-like” “Warp attacks”. Courtesy of Hydra over at, here’s the translated bio for Transformers Prime Skywarp in its entirety:

Skywarp is a member of the Decepticon aerial group the Seekers. He outwardly resembles Starscream, but lacks his scheming nature, instead loyally obeying Megatron. True to his name, he specializes in warp attacks. Lurking in the shadows of the Decepticons, he rarely makes his presence known, but his ninja-like attacks with his shuriken-shaped Arms Micron menace the Autobots.

Definitely qualifies as Skywarp’s coolest incarnation, despite having a minature buffalo as a pet. Skywarp’s jet alt mode swaps Starscream’s removable missle pods for non-removable bomb-like attachments.

They are covered in the new hexagonal 5-mm holes that are used in the Arms Micron line.

Every time we go on a roadtrip, I always choose a Transformer to bring along. Next week is a very, very, verrrrrrrrrrrrry special roadtrip to Dallas, TX for a little thing called BOTCON! I do believe my newest Skywarp and his minion will be our travelling companions.


3 thoughts on “For the love of Primus, go buy this toy. Right. Now. Transformers Prime Arms Micron Skywarp and Balo!

  1. Dear God, do I now ever need a Drill Buffalo. I too was worried about the sprues. Thanks for alleviating those concerns. Enjoy Botcon!
    (Heading to Texas myself — but not until July for a wedding! Alas!)

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