Boton 2012: The Cosplay

Like last year, I am splitting my Botcon recap into four posts. This time it will be: the cosplay, the panels, the toys, and the everything else.

First up: the costumes continued to impress this year. Though not nearly as many as last year, Transformers Prime took my favourite costume with Breakdown.

(WordPress still does their Galleries stupidly, so right-click on an image to see a bigger version.)


4 thoughts on “Boton 2012: The Cosplay

  1. Hi i was the one in the TFA prowl cosplay and i was wondering what you ment when you said “animated prowl made a botcon RETURN” just wondering since that was my first year at botcon

    Just wondering

    • I just meant the character, not the person in the costume. There was a nice, young lady at either last year or the year before that with an Animated Prowl costume. Though I do have to say that yours was much better put together.

      • Thanks for clearing that up 🙂 and also thanks for the compliment on the costume, i guess since i know every tear and rip in the costume i don’t look at it the same way as most people do.

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