Botcon 2012: The Panels

This year, the Botcon panels were brutal, at least on Saturday. Back-to-back panels with no lunch break was not the best plan. Coupled with the constant, on-going technical difficulties, that definitely made this the weakest year for panels in my experience.

(WordPress still does their Galleries stupidly, so right-click on an image to see a bigger version.)


2 thoughts on “Botcon 2012: The Panels

  1. Did you have a favorite panel?

    I don’t know why they insist on cramming everything in on Saturday. Why not extend the convention by a couple hours on Sunday and give people a little breathing room? I remember in 2007 there was so much to see at once we had to get out and take an hour breather before my wife went crazy.

    • Every year my favourite is the Hasbro panel for the reveals. Though the TFCC toy panel is coming up right behind that recently for the toy design steps and stuff they have been showing.

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