Botcon 2012: The Toys

I skipped taking pictures of the toys that are readily available on retail shelves now and just concentrated on stuff that is out soon or not going to be available for a while.

(WordPress still does their Galleries stupidly, so right-click on an image to see a bigger version.)


3 thoughts on “Botcon 2012: The Toys

    • It definitely ranks up there with my favourites. I like the boxset a lot and the souvenir toys were amazing this year. Also, I am a big fan of the Hall of Fame being a sit-down dinner event so it was nice to have that back again this year. I wish they would find something else to do rather than the casino night, I really don’t like that part and the auction is just plain painful every single year. Also, I would have liked a panel for the Transformers Prime show. If I have any regrets, its not going to enough of the room-to-room stuff at night this year. Though Botcon is mostly about meeting up with the awesome people I only see face-to-face once a year and this year was no exception. Of course, it also helped that it was in the state of my birth, so it was nice to get back to Texas. Last year my complaints were the $40 Hall of Fame/Movie event that wasn’t really worth it, the boring troop builder set, and the location. I am not a big fan of California, at all. Can’t wait to find out the where and when of Botcon 2013.

  1. Thanks for posting those Kre-O pics. I don’t think I had seen those anywhere else before today. Looks like those sets are getting better. Still not planning on buying anymore though…at least not at full price.

    Nice little haul you brought home w/ you. It’s not about how much you buy while @ Botcon – it’s all about having fun and it sounds like that is something you did.

    Nice Animated Activators Skywarp in your stack. I just reviewed him not too long ago on my blog!

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