Stickers versus… not stickers. Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise and Arms Micron Bumblebee!

Borrowing a Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Bumblebee from a friend, I decided to do a little side-by-side comparison with the Takara release. Basically, I was trying to determine if I needed to get the Hasbro release for my collection or if I am sufficiently happy with the Takara release. My conclusion?

I have spent way to much time on a toy that I am only marginally interested in based on a character whose vocal peculiarity bugs the heck out of me on the show.

After putting the two next to each other I did decid that I like the darker yellow colour on the Takara toy better and though I like the double blasters that come with the Hasbro toy, I can always steal the ones from Transformers Prime Hot Shot when I get my hands on him.

There is one thing that the side-by-side comparison did spur. I realized my only real problem with the Takara release was specifically the orangish-yellow parts of the stickers that didn’t match the yellow of the toy itself. Despite my wish to be done with dealing with his stickers, I pulled those pieces off, trimmed them down to just the black stripes, and reapplied them. It really made a world of difference for me.

This only left the comparison of the more show-accurate profile of the Hasbro release with the Takara release’s added 5mm ports.

This doesn’t bug me as much as it seems to bug others but I completely understand why people don’t like it. If anything makes me think I might eventually need to get the Hasbro release, it’s this. Of course, this is Bumblebee. There’s literally hundreds of him on the shelves, so I shouldn’t have a hard time in the near future getting him at a rather healthy discount.


3 thoughts on “Stickers versus… not stickers. Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise and Arms Micron Bumblebee!

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