Amuck! Amuck, amuck, amuck, amuck-*thud* Timelines Over-Runabout and Runamuck!

If you get the title of this post: congratulations, you win at life.

This post marks four Transformers for which I have received an amazingly awesome updated version, taken a look around for the originals, and passed on purchasing them when I found them, despite vaguely reasonable prices.

The first was Blurr, though I really haven’t found him in a good enough condition with a reasonable enough price, my dislike of his character has been the biggest deterrent.

The next was Goldbug. I can’t really say what a reasonable price would be for me to pick up any of the Throttlebots. The lack of arms. The lack of legs. The… well, you get the idea.

G1 Runamuck and Runabout, or the Battlechargers as they are called due to their auto-transformation gimmick, share the G1 Throttlebots complete lack of articulation or actual extremities.

One of these “Battlespringers” is not who he claims to be…

All four of these toys may eventually join my collection, somewhere down the road, but they’re pretty far down on the priorities list.

What has pushed G1 Runamuck and Runabout even further down on that list is why would I need the legless, armless Battlechargers when I have these guys,

Now, before the claims of mis-transformation start; I already have a variation of this mold twice as Tracks, G1 and Shattered Glass, and this same mold with a different head as Wheeljack. Wheeljack and Tracks have wings and launchers on both the shoulders of their G1 toys. Neither Runamuck nor Runabout do, so I leave their wings folded down and attach their would-be shoulder launchers to the clamps in their legs. You can even fold their wings completely in and push the trunk piece up over their heads to make them look even more like their original toys. I like just tucking the wings down because that allows the trunk piece to still lock in to place properly.

Though you could argue that they should each have one gun on a shoulder, given where you place their G1 toys’ rifles, but it’s quite clear from every appearance in fiction they would ever make that these are meant to be handheld weapons, just that neither of them have actual hands in toy form.

The new headsculpt used is perfect, and of course, works for both of them.

The head and mold working for both at the same time is where the genius of these two comes in. Whereas Runamuck was this year’s membership figure, Runabout (or Over-Run as they call him due to copyright issues) was actually sold as one of this year’s two club exclusives, the other being Shattered Glass Drift. The club exclusives come with snazzy packaging with cool artwork and foam inserts, but the membership figures ship in plain white boxes. Knowing these guys were a duo, the TFCC folks actually carved out a removable piece for Runamuck in Runabout’s foam insert!

The box artwork includes Runamuck as well, being a take on the cover of their comic book debut, Marvel US issue 23 “Decepticon Graffiti!”

I am glad they used the Wheeljack version of this mold, as the front end looks much meaner than the original Tracks version does.

A nice touch is that they retain the Tracks version’s rubsign on the roof, though Decepticon rather than Autobot. That and the larger Decepticon symbol painted on the hood makes them truer to their G1 toys.

Runamuck sticks to the gold stripe and gold grill of his G1 toy (adding a gold spoiler for good measure), but Runabout adds a large red stripe down the top of his alt mode, it helps to make them a little less salt and pepper looking together.

Of the two, I would have a hard time saying which is my favourite. The charcoal black, light grey, and red on Runabout looks pretty wicked, but Runamuck’s gold with orange and white is striking and just so not what you expect from a Decepticon.

If you get a chance, check out the TFCC comic book “A Flash Forward” in issue 43. It has the best retelling of the ending events and aftermath of the Battle of Autobot City from the ’86 movie, recounted hilariously by these two.


7 thoughts on “Amuck! Amuck, amuck, amuck, amuck-*thud* Timelines Over-Runabout and Runamuck!

  1. Just put my TFCC Runamuck on display next to Runabout earlier today. You know, your wings-down mode actually homages the G1 Battlecharger “limbs” quite well, but I gotta say I was really won over by the fan-mode popularized by “General Teckno.” Seeing that is what finally made me sign up for the club and pick these 2 up… and if done a certain way, it allows the backpack to lock into place very securely.

    BUT I was fiddling with it forever and upset that I couldn’t get the backpack to lock in place *until* I finally realized that after swinging the door-wings 180 into the wheel-wells, I could tuck the attached wrenches/missiles into the gap between the wings and the figure’s back! It’s snug without scratching the missiles; the backpack stays up, propped up on the doors *and* locks in place just about as securely as the standard transformation!

    As you’ve mentioned tucking the wings all the way in, you have probably already tried this and are going with personal preference, but if you’ve not tried using the wrenches/missiles this way, definitely worth a look.

    Great work on the blog as always, sir. Enjoyed the Botcon posts as well.

    • I didn’t know about Tekno’s method. I did give it a try and it certainly adds the missing stability. The one thing I don’t like is how far up and back that method leaves the trunk. With the tucking the wings flat (not even angling them up 45 degrees to begin with) the trunk is lower and juts straight out from the back of his head like his fiction appearances; the way Runabout is in this picture:
      Granted, that is the unsecured version, but the trunk joints are tight enough that it stays that way, which is good enough for a display piece. The more I look at it, the better I like it. I might just keep them this way.

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