Forget RiRFiB, we’ve got FiPRiNTBF (Frenzy is Purple, Rumble is Nowhere To Be Found) G2 Frenzy!

I originally missed the entire G2 Go-Bots line. Well, to be more precise, I didn’t miss them so much as purposefully avoid them when I saw them in stores. My reason for actively shunning them?

That’s Soundwave. Sound. Freaking. Wave. Not to mention that they did roughly the same thing with Optimus and Megatron. I was so affronted by the names of characters that I loved from G1 being so callously applied to transforming Matchbox cars, I turned up my nose and headed down the aisle. It wasn’t until 2001 and the Robots in Disguise line that I would learn how awesome these little toys actually are. Now called Spychangers, their depiction as a squad of tiny ninjas, each with a “special jutsu”, in the cartoon made me love them so much that I would buy the original ten Robots in Disguise releases, the eight re-released ones that came with Tiny Tins, the first round of clear plastic KBToys exclusives, and the second round of clear plastic KBToys exclusives. At that point I had pretty much put them on display and moved on, occasionally grabbing some of the Universe repaints that I missed. At Botcon this year I grabbed the Universe Spychanger Optimus Prime/Prowl and Spychanger Ultra Magnus/Ironhide double packs for super, super cheap which must have put me in a Spychanger mood. I was stopped in my tracks by a carded, brilliantly purple version of the Hot Shot mold (haha, yes I realize G2 came first, but it will always be the Hot Shot mold to me.) After getting over the gaudy, sparkly wonderfulness of it, I chuckled when I noticed the name on the bottom left.

“Need some help there?”

When I went to look up the G2 Go-Bots, I quickly realized though I spurned the G2 Go-Bots I had seen, I actually did miss a good portion of the line originally, those being the first versions of the molds. The Hot Shot mold, which was the Frenzy mold, after having been the Megatron mold, was actually the Blowout mold.

So, Frenzy was purple. What colour was Rumble? Unfortunately, Rumble never made it. Of course, Rumble would get his revenge on Frenzy for this years later as part of the Alternators line. G2 Rumble was to be in a wave of six all-new molds but they didn’t make it out by the time the line was cancelled. Four of them, including Rumble’s proposed mold would eventually see release as Spychangers. The Rumble mold would be released as Side Swipe.

“Do I know you?” “No, but you almost did.”

Not my favourite of the Spychanger/Go-Bot molds (that honor goes to Crosswise/High Beam), much like Hot Shot’s flame deco, it’s Frenzy’s paintjob that really sells him.

Especially in alt mode.


Looks like I’ve got an old line with a new appreciation to keep an eye out for.


3 thoughts on “Forget RiRFiB, we’ve got FiPRiNTBF (Frenzy is Purple, Rumble is Nowhere To Be Found) G2 Frenzy!

  1. I did the same thing back in the day. I loved the first run of original characters, but I scoffed at the thought of G1 characters being Gobots. Thankfully however I did grab Optimus and Megs for retail ($5?) back then. Amazing how expensive some of these G2 Gobots can be now.

    Did you ever buy the Super Spychangers exclusive to Japan? I’m a Spychanger whore and I’m still tracing down a few that eluded my grasp.

    • With the G2 Gobots, I’m still planning on steering clear of the Soundwave, Optimus, Megatron releases. I just couldn’t find it in myself to put them on the respective Soundwave, Optimus, or Megatron shelves they would belong on. I figure if I can just stick to the original characters like Firecracker, etc. I am safe. That being said, I have nowhere near the reverence for Frenzy, so I am planning on happily sitting him with the other Frenzy and Rumbles. Probably right next to Alternators Rumble, ’cause that’s funny.

      With the Spychangers, I was strictly all about the local releases. At that time, I was actually pretty far removed from the internet when it came to my collecting. Any of the Takara releases I did pick up were only from local collectibles shops and they only ever had the regular releases, none of the Takara clear releases or the Jusco stuff. They are definitely on the list though.

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