This dude certainly abides. Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Sir Soundwave!

As the polar opposite of the quiet, calm, calculatingly reserved Soundwave of our universe, Shattered Glass Soundwave is a “cheerful, optimistic, and headstrong” dude with an appreciation for grooving. So much so that, even though he shares his evil G1 counterpart’s function of “Communications”, Sir Soundwave (yes, he has been knighted for his good deeds) also has an added “and Morale Officer” tacked on.


He originally had the repurposed Sonic White” version of the Takara Music Label Soundwave for his robot and alt mode. Upon arriving on Earth with Heatwave, Soundwave ended up taking on an alt mode of a minivan complete with a G.I. Joe cartoon homaging logo of “Cold Slither”, a heavy metal band originally consisting of Zartan and the Dreadnoks, on the side.

In a later story, Sir Soundwave finds himself at a Cold Slither/Misfits concert, adding a Jem homage into the Awesome 80’s mix.

As part of the Botcon 2012 Invasion boxset, he takes advantage of his alt mode to add bumper stickers further depicting his love of music.

The Cold Slither logo, with Zartan’s head added to the center for even more homage, is wonderfully recreated in toy form. It was also used as the graphic for this year’s “First Day Registrant” pin.

He is actually the third character to use this mold. Strangely, as much as I found the mold lackluster as both Ironhide and Ratchet, it works really well for this dude.

It’s also nice to reunite him with Botcon 2010’s G2: Redux release of the hyperactive, walking Attention Deficit Disorder Shattered Glass Ravage.

“Yaaaay! See me? I’m wavin’ at you!”

I have always liked Shattered Glass Ravage since his first fan-made appearance and was happy when he was made official. I actually liked him so much that I bought Glit, the toy he was repurposed from, to have a Ravage to put with my 2008 set. The three cassettes that came in that set are the only pieces of Kiss Players I have allowed into my collection (and my wife loves Rosanna).

“Hai! See me? I’m still wavin’!”

Sir Soundwave’s green headband was a little bit of a controversy at Botcon. For some reason it wasn’t packaged with the rest of the box set and had to be purchased separately. They added in a trading card to justify the price (which I didn’t really find all that outrageous to begin with), but it certainly made a lot of people angry. If anything, the only part that annoyed me was it wasn’t a bright enough green. However, I took a tip from Sir Soundwave himself and just chilled, dude.

Early images of his headsculpt made it look much worse than it turned out to be in person. It looked strangely elongated in all of the promotional images Fun Publications put out. I was very happy when that turned out not to be so. Of course, he also comes with the mold’s dual-sided blade/gun weapon.

His headsculpt also fixed Ironhide and Ratchet’s flaw, allowing him to look forward rather than slightly down into his own chest.

“I might be able to rock, but in battle, this is how I roll.”

I am quite happy with how this guy turned out and after having him appear in fiction sporadically since 2008, it’s good to finally have him on display. This gnarly, radical and righteous dude rocks in every sense of the word.


6 thoughts on “This dude certainly abides. Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Sir Soundwave!

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  4. I really wish they would make official releases of Shattered Glass toys.
    The characters are always so fun, and I want them, but they’re so expeeeensiiive…

    How do you manage all this collecting?

  5. Mostly it’s just a whole lot of couponing when it comes to retail releases, especially when does one of its 20% off plus free shipping codes. I’ve managed a good portion of the Combiner Wars stuff and the recent Robots in Disguise line that way. Also, finding a good, relatively cheap source for the Masterpieces line helps. For the most part, I am relatively cheap when it comes to spending money on any individual pieces. All that opens up room in the budget for things like going to BotCon and getting the Transformers Club exclusives.

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